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Smart city initiatives cement Singapore as elite global city

Smart city initiatives cement Singapore as elite global city

It ranked fourth among the global seven.

Singapore's smart city initiatives have cemented it as an elite global city, JLL revealed in The Universe of City Indices 2017 report.

The country ranked fourth right after London, New York, and Paris, and joined the "Big Seven" along with Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.

Singapore made it to the top of four global indices, namely, Brookings Redefining Global Cities, DHL Global Connectedness Index, Resonance World’s Best City Brands, UITP Urban Mobility Innovation Index.

The country also ranked high among indices measuring ten imperatives for a successful city.

Singapore ranked as the 13th best performing city for knowledge and innovation.

It also is the 10th best city for talents across indices.

JLL commented, "Indices are diving deeper into how well cities attract, accommodate and develop talent. The data is improving on education systems, student environments and expat talent attraction."

In terms of infrastructure, Singapore is the 12th best city, as it is "routinely excel" for investing well in metropolitan infrastructure.

Remarkably, Singapore has the third best smart city strategy. According to JLL, smart cities "tended to build more coherent cross-cutting strategies, participate into more effective partnerships, and make more integrated interventions in the Internet of Things."

The Lion City is also considered 11th city for branding, which has "strong city brand, size scale, trust and admiration for the city."

It continues to be an established world city along with Hong Kong, which enjoys institutional freedom to shape urbanism in the Asia Pacific.

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