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Singaporeans work the longest hours among top cities

More than 8 hours of work a day boosts shoebox popularity.

According to recent study by Savills, shoebox units appeal most to young working population. It argues that as economies have undergone a structural shift from manufacturing to services, economic activity has become increasingly concentrated in core locations, putting a strain on often overburdened transport networks. The need for convenience, it said, often as a result of longer working hours (particularly true of global financial markets) has also helped to bolster the popularity of living close to work.

"This shift has been made much easier by steadily improving 24/7 social infrastructure, allowing a level of convenience only dreamt of by parents and grandparents. Twenty-four hour convenience stores, take-away
services, lifestyle coffee shops to relax in and vast air-conditioned shopping malls, as well as the array of bars and restaurants on offer in the heart of any city, have all lessened our reliance on the home as a place to dwell," it said.

Based on the graph shown at the right corner, Singaporeans work the longest hours at 46 hours per week. 

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