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Singaporeans disappointed over iPhone X

Singaporeans disappointed over iPhone X

Consumers are thinking it isn’t worth their money.

The ad buzz around Apple iPhone's brand was the loudest in Singapore for September, market research firm YouGov revealed.

It's Ad Awareness score rose by 20 points from 41 at the beginning to 61 at the end of the month. The score spiked during the launch of the iPhone X on 12 September and the iPhone 8 on 22 September.

However, it wasn't all good press for Apple. The high cost of the X model dominated headlines.

YouGov's BrandIndex data showed Apple iPhone's Value score, which measures consumers' belief that the brand is worth their money, plunged around the launch from 22 to four.

Perceptions of quality also fell by 10 points during the month.

"Despite a significant increase in Ad Awareness, the new iPhone has failed to whet consumers’ appetites," YouGov said.

The score on the perceived intent to purchase the phone and Apple's stock price fell during the event, which could be due to general disappointment over new features and concerns over its price.

YouGov head of Singapore Stephen Tracy said, "The stakes were considerably higher this year with this being the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. It does look like the official unveiling of the iPhone 8 and X didn’t quite live up to the hype, with investor confidence and consumer interest not hitting the levels we expected."

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