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Singaporean firm offers celebrity tokens amidst crypto craze

Singaporean firm offers celebrity tokens amidst crypto craze

Ex-Liverpool soccer star Michael Owen and boxing veteran Manny Pacquiao will issue their own crypto-coins in the exchange.

According to Bloomberg, Singapore-based crypto firm Global Crypto Offering Exchange is attempting to cash in on the intersection of the large fanbases of sports and cryptocurrencies. It sells celebrity tokens to investors in the frenzied initial coin offering space.

The company has recently teamed up with ex-Liverpool soccer star Michael Owen to issue a cryptocurrency in his name called the OWN coin. Owen joins boxing veteran Manny Pacquiao as investors and issuers of celebrity tokens with the exchange.

“You have to be brave and sometimes put faith in things,” Owen said in an interview in Hong Kong, when asked about investing in still-new cryptocurrencies, which some have derided as worthless.

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