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Singapore Yahoo! users threatened by work-from-home scams


Here are some online precautions.

The Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCERT) has warned the public last Friday about the spread of spam emails from Yahoo! accounts containing links to websites selling “work from home” schemes and packages.

SingCERT notes that analysis of the spam emails suggest that the emails have not been spoofed and that the Yahoo! accounts have likely been compromised.

The spam emails often contain empty subject line and email content bears just a website link. 

Users with Yahoo! accounts are advised to change their passwords immediately. Users who are using the same password as their Yahoo! account across different websites are advised to change the passwords on all other websites as well to prevent attackers from using the same password to gain access to the other accounts.

Users may also refer to or for the creation of a strong password.

SingCERT also warns users to never click on suspicious links in emails. If in doubt, the email should be deleted or reported to SingCERT ( for further verification.

Additionally, users should never enter in any personal particulars to the website if in doubt. Check that the website URL is familiar and legitimate before proceeding to enter in personal particulars.

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