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Singapore – A World-Class Education Hub with Tuition Costs

ZUU online

Asian countries have been growing in popularity as destinations for high-quality education and the tiny city-state of Singapore is no exception. Singapore is a modern, vibrant county which boasts itself as having one of the world’s best educational system. The nation also provides numerous opportunities for international students willing to study abroad.


Why Study in Singapore?

As Singapore lacks natural resources, education has always been a priority for its economic development and this policy has earned the country the nickname as a ‘global schoolhouse’.

Today Singapore is one of the pioneers when it comes to higher education both in Asia and the world.Statistics show that Singapore maintains high standards of teaching and learning, as well as scientific research.

Another major advantage of studying in Singapore is that the country’s higher education system has strong links with various industries. This allows the students to acquire practical experience as well find employment easily in their chosen fields.

Singapore is well-known as a modern city-state with amazing opportunities for education and work. Various global indexes rate Singapore as one of the global hubs for innovation and research. As a result, its higher education institutions have become extremely attractive for all prospective international students.

To give you some context, Singapore has six national universities with two of its largest universities having over 30,000 students each. The National University of Singapore (NUS) is regarded not only as the most prestigious university in the country but also one of the highest-ranking universities in Asia.


Tuition Costs in Singapore

The Singapore government’s efforts in providing each child with excellent educational opportunities deserve plenty of praise, no doubt, but parents are now complaining about the rigidity and competitiveness of this very system. It isn’t at all surprising to find the only thing in every Singaporean parent when it comes to their kids is how can my child be one of the best?

Then there is the “Teach Less, Learn More” program which does not, but increase the tension of the parents. Most students in Asian countries including Singapore don’t have the tendency to study independently give the law-abiding nature of them. This has given birth to the western counterparts’ stereotype of labeling Asian students “lacking innovation or lacking the inquisitive spirit.” But it appears that the parents have found a solution to induce their kids with this ‘spirit’ and the process is pretty obvious—intensive tuition.


Mathematics and Physics Tuition Are the Most Sought After Subjects

H2 Mathematics Tuition and H2 Physics Tuition are the two most common subjects most of Singapore’s high school students prefer to be tutored. According to a poll in the Straits Times, it is been reported that out of 100 students, 97 students are attending tuition. Singaporean parents all have their children enrolled in multiple tuition centers and spending up to S$3000 a month.

Students have multiple tutors particularly for higher level education such as Junior College and/or higher. As the government policies are aimed to establish Singapore as a robust Science Hub, Singaporean parents are willing to pay higher tuition fees so that their kids can be equipped with all necessary learning skills. And parents are willing to spare no expenses for crucial science stream subjects such as H2 mathematics and H2 physics.


Private Home Tuition

There are parents who prefer private home tuition, which is pretty common for high school students struggling with difficult and complex subjects. The rates private home tutors can range from S$35/hr. to S$80/hr. depending on the experience and popularity of the tutor.

Group or class tuition is also increasingly becoming popular in Singapore. Group tuition isn’t only and more affordable alternative when compared to home tutors, the child can also benefit and learn more while asking questions and interacting with their fellow students and teachers during tuition. This helps in inducing an inquisitive spirit.

There has been a misconception that successful people often hail from well-off family backgrounds because their parents had the resources necessary to provide them with an excellent education. But this isn’t entirely false, there are instances where children from working-class families still managed to reach the top and the 42nd US President Bill Clinton is a striking example. The point is that the willingness to succeed largely depends on the individual

(By ZUU online)

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