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Singapore may see more IPOs this year


Expect IPOs from 20 to 30 companies.

This number compares to the 19 new listings in 2012 that collectively raised US$2.7 billion in proceeds. Some analysts said the potential new listings may raise funds in the range of between US$82 million and US$122 million.

Already, Logistics Holdings, a construction company, has lodged its prospectus with the Singapore Exchange.

Despite the grim economic environment posing a risk to new IPOs, investors are still drawn to the transparency and good governance in Singapore. Analysts said 2013 is poised to be an interesting year in terms of the variety of companies coming to list.

Some large company listings are expected to make their way into the SGX this year. Sources said these are companies are those with an overall market capital of at least US$408 million per listing.

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