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Singapore bosses think 50% of employees are 'bad hires': survey


While top talents are a measly 10-30%.

According to a survey by RecruitPlus, 99% of the 4,000 employers who answered felt that their organization carry certain percentage of bad hires, from 10% to a whopping 50%.

Conversely, only 64% of the same respondents felt that their companies have Super Performers, ranging from 10% to 30% of their workforce. This group of individuals usually comes from 1) referrals, 2) recruitment agencies & 3) job boards.

All respondents believe the Super Performers are capable of handling the job of 2 to 5 bad hires and will not mind paying them 10% to 30% more salary vis-à-vis bad hires. 93% of the respondents would be keen to consider a tried-and-tested assessment tool if that can guarantee those Super Performers.

The survey shows that companies can benefit more by having more Super Performers and lesser Bad Hires. Given that 1 Super Performer can take on the job of 2 to 5 Bad Hires, the payroll savings is significant even if you have to pay more to sustain the Super Performer.

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