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Singapore Airlines cuts contracts of 76 pilots


It was a ''difficult decision" to make.

According to a release, Singapore Airlines has taken the difficult decision to advance the planned release of 76 pilots who are employed on fixed-term contracts. 

The Airline had previously been releasing pilots only upon expiry of their contracts.

The pilots are expected to be released by 30 June 2013. The Airline will assist them to pursue employment opportunities within the SIA Group and with other airlines.

Singapore Airlines currently has a surplus of pilots to its operational requirements, as the global financial crisis of 2009-10 had resulted in excess capacity and slower than expected growth.

The Airline had earlier implemented other measures to address the surplus, such as voluntary no pay leave and the suspension of cadet pilot recruitment.

Pilots employed on fixed-term contracts make up about 4% of Singapore Airlines’ total pilots’ workforce.

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