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Serina denies tying the knot in Thailand

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

12 Apr – Serina Datuk Redzuawan, daughter of celebrity chef Chef Wan, has recently denied reports that she had married her new husband in Thailand.

The actress, who announced her new marriage to husband Aidid on 9 April, clarified the situation on social media the next day, saying that it was untrue that her father did not know they were tying the knot, nor was his previous statement that she and Aidid had eloped to Thailand to do it - stressing that they held the marriage ceremony in a Malaysian state.

"Stop slandering and make accusations against us, else you want to answer it in the hereafter. If you don't know something, never ever try to comment and bash people about it. Honestly, my father knew that we were married. I have told him and my husband had met him too," she said.

Chef Wan with his new son in law Aidid.
Chef Wan with his new son in law Aidid.

Serina added that it was illogical to think that they were married in Thailand when it is fact that the borders are still closed.

"I admit there are a lot of people who have been whispering things to my dad, as if they enjoy destroying our family. I always respect my father. We never had any issue before this. In fact he mentioned on his Instagram that he will give us his blessings," she continued.

The actress also stressed that she did not steal someone else's husband and that Aidid was already having marital problems when she first got to know him.

"Please stop making false accusations against him," she added.

Meanwhile, Chef Wan is stressing that he wasn't lying about not knowing about his daughter's marriage, and decided to share a couple of text conversations his daughter sent him about it.

However, the very vocal Chef Wan did add in his post, "Have a great marriage. I will always be happy for [you]. Even [if] it means the person that love [you] most and pick all your pieces of [expletives] are the ones that you hurt so badly [at] the end of it all. I need to move on with my life as you need to do yours."

It was just last week that the celebrity chef stated that he had no plans to pay for Serina's second wedding when she requested to hold it at his home, saying that he has had enough of footing the bills for his children. The actress previously tied the knot with Irishman, Gavin O'Luanaigh, and they have a son Tristan, 9 and a daughter Isabella, 8.

Serina announced that she had married her new husband last week.
Serina announced that she had married her new husband last week.
Chef Wan with daughter Serina and her new husband.
Chef Wan with daughter Serina and her new husband.

(Photo Source: Serina Redzuawan Instagram)