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See inside Britain's best treehouse - it even has a woodburner and a hot tub

This extraordinary treehouse has been billed as Britain’s “ultimate luxury glamping experience”.

Forget a jumble of off-cuts and tatty bits of carpet, it comes with a fitted kitchen, woodburner and even a hot tub.

The ‘Woodsman’s Treehouse’ in Chard, Somerset, costs up to £1,350 for a weekend stay, and is now in the running for the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) House of the Year Award.

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The rotating woodburner dominates the inside of the treehouse – but there’s also a double bed and a copper bath (RIBA/SWNS)
The treehouse is accessed via a jungle-style rope bridge (RIBA/SWNS)

Access is via a rope bridge, and at its heart is a rotating log burner and spacious living quarters.

At one extreme of the cabin’s circumference lies a bedroom complete with natural sky-light looking up at the tree canopy, a fully kitted-out kitchen, and a beautiful copper bath.

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On the decking outside, there’s a hot tub and up on the roof, a sauna box.

Once you’ve closed the hefty treehouse door you can look forward to dreams of childhood adventure – but not before you’ve escaped down the slide for a twilight stroll.

It costs almost £1,400 to stay in the treehouse for a weekend (RIBA/SWNS)
The treehouse is up for an award from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA/SWNS)

It was designed by craftsman and designer Guy Mallinson, who runs Crafty Camping, and his friend, architect Keith Brownlie of Blownlie Ernst and Marks.

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Mallinson describes the treehouse as: “A luxurious two-storey suite arranged between and beneath the canopy of aged oaks.

“Far from being a woodland folly it is the sleep-over den every grown-up dreamed of as a child; a self-contained tree-top world of tricks and toys, part castle, part hovel, part lair.”