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Who are the Rich Kids of Instagram? Are you following them all?

Lionel Lau

Imagine having an unlimited source of wealth, the ability to be at any place or any country within the snap of your fingers. Well, the Rich Kids of Instagram also know as RKOI are able to do so. From Malaysia to Italy, amassing over 300k of followers, stealing limelight time to time again and making the news from their radical ways of celebrating birthdays to partying in mega yachts for the whole month long! Having celebrity friends, indulging in only the finest delicacies, to endless shopping where we can only dream off. Flaunting their parent’s wealth and complaining over trivial and frivolous problems is what they do, these affluent millennials are living the time of the lives.

One can only dream about not waking up to alarm clocks during the wee hours to prepare for work, no deadlines to meet, no bosses/managers to answer to, no dreaded appointments to go to, burdensome clients to handle, when are you able to purchase that expensive luxury wallet or handbag that you need to save months after months for, and to stress over how long you have to clear off all your debts anymore.

Let’s take a look at some of the rich kids on instagram and how they are living their lives while you are commuting to work or on the way home after a long day of endless meeting.





Source: Instagram


Kim Lim, the daughter of Peter Lim  whose net worth is US$2.1 Billion  according to Forbes 2018. Being the daughter of Singapore’s most wealthiest and influential businessman, she has connections to local celebrities, having appear in prestige magazine cover; an affluent magazine.


Source: @kimlimhl


It is not everyday you get to get that close to stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, and get to wear a diamond filled branded watch. Without a doubt, the father and daughter duo is a name that most Singaporeans would have heard of at least.





Source: Instagram


For those who are not aware, Chryseis is the daughter of one of Malaysia’s most powerful tycoon, Vincent Tan, who is also the chief executive of Berjaya Times Square, one of the biggest shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. Chryseis’ Dad Vincent is valued at a whopping US$820 Million by Forbes in 2017. Recently Chryseis wed Faliq Nasimuddin, the son of the late founder of Malaysian conglomerate Naza Group. Faliq is the group managing director of the real estate developer; Naza TTDI. Beyond her lavishing lifestyle, Chryseis enjoys working out and travelling to scenic places.


Chryseis Tan

Source: @chrystan_x


Look at that fleet of expensive supercars that turned up for the gatecrashing, last but not least we wish this couple a happy and blissful marriage!





Source: Instagram


Dorothy Wang is worth mentioning when it comes to the rich kids on instagram. She is now an american actress when her shot to fame soar to greater heights when she starred in “Rich Kids in Beverly Hills” back in 2016. Her father Roger Wang has a net worth of US$3.9 Billion by Forbes’ estimates for 2018. He is currently the chairman and was once the CEO of the Golden Eagle International Group, where he manages China’s biggest retail mall chains.


Dorothy Wang

Source: @dorothywang


During her free time, like most other rich kids, she enjoys partying with friends, driving around in her custom BMW i8 and travelling to exotic islands being one with the nature.






Emir Bahadir

Source: Instagram


Emir Bahadir, comes from a real estate empire where his parents has his first name that literally means, “Prince”. Garnering over 800k of instagram followers, Emir has also appeared on the reality documentary series, “Rich Kids of Instagram” and co-founded RLTY NYC; a real estate firm. He is a son of one of Turkey’s richest real estate dynasties. One of the perks of being rich is where you get to party with international celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan and Ricky Martin.


Emir Bahadir

Source: @emirbahadir


Travelling and partying is a norm to most wealthy kids, picture yourself, with the capability to fly to any country in your own private jet, best of all, you are able to bring along your pet dog with you!






Mark-Francis Vandelli

Source: Instagram


Diane Boulting-Casserley Vandelli; a millionairess, socialite and Yves Saint-Laurent’s muse back in the 70s – 80s, is the mother to Mark-Francis Vandelli. Being the sole heir to a russian royalty and her inheritance, Mark’s net worth till date is estimated to be $2 million pounds.

Mark-Francis Vandelli

Source: @markvandelli


One of the biggest worry that we all have would be money. They say that money cannot buy happiness, but for Mark Vandelli, he flies to countries just to get his next house, what a way to hunt houses. Without the stress to worry about money, he even launched his own clothing line in his hometown, London. Mark  has the taste for finer things in life, his lifestyle revolves around attending talks, fine dining, and travelling when he is not a reality TV personality.






Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick

Source: Instagram


Being born into a wealthy golden spoon family like her fellow “Rich Kids of Instagram” where she also starred in, Morgan is no exception. She owns it all to her father, Herb Stewart, who is a very famous and prominent architect, taking the helms of H Construct, Inc. His company focuses a lot in the high-end retail and historical restoration in the real estate industry. His unrivalled portfolio includes luxury retail spaces all over Beverly Hills, and those that are worth noting are along the Rodeo Drive.


Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick

Source: @morganstewart


Everything about Morgan Stewart spells fashion. No doubt starring in “Rich Kids of Instagram”, gave her that extra boost of followers, she is a famous socialite with her own blog, “Boobs and Loubs” which comprises of her two favourite things in the world; her own boobs literally, and Louboutin shoes.


Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick

Source: @tlabymorganstewart & @boobsandloubs


She even has a separate Instagram page for her blog where she will update periodic posts. Morgan is a hustler, she has recently launched her own sportswear collection with Touche LA. Her net worth is a whopping $5 million dollars and growing as we speak!





Julia Stakhiva

Source: Instagram


Julia Stakhiva is a living example of a real princess every girl can only dream of. She was given her first branded handbag, a Louis Vuitton at a mere age of 9 years old! Her private wardrobe now boasts an outrageous $1.5 Million and growing! Her wardrobe is enough to fund several companies or fully pay a private apartment!


Julia Stakhiva

Source: @juliastakhiva


Julia, a billionaire’s daughter, has been pampered with gifts and presents since birth. But she was not aware that not every girl would be able to receive gifts from their parents like her. Gifts that are worth years of their salaries! She learnt that she was a real princess when she enrolled into Regents University in London. Being a fashionista herself, during her free time, she works out to maintain that voluptuous figure of hers, attend fashion events and travels around.

(By Lionel Lau)

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