• The Wall Street Journal4 hours ago

    Moon: Kim Reaffirms Commitment to Denuclearization

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had reaffirmed his commitment to the “complete denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula and looked forward to meeting President ...

  • The Wall Street Journal4 hours ago

    China Set to Approve Qualcomm-NXP Deal, a Sign of Easing Trade Tensions

    Chinese authorities are set to approve Qualcomm’s planned $44 billion acquisition of NXP Semiconductors in the next few days, in what would be a significant step toward easing U.S.-China trade relations....

  • The Wall Street Journal5 hours ago

    In Anti-Bias Training, Starbucks Enlists Hip-Hop Artist, Chairman

    Starbucks is hoping that anti-bias training will help prevent fraught encounters like the one that led to the arrest of two black men at one of its cafes last month, but how effective it will be is an ...

  • The Wall Street Journal7 hours ago

    ZTE Shareholders Are in Limbo Amid U.S.-China Dispute

    While ZTE Corp. is caught in the middle of U.S.-China trade tensions, the telecom giant’s current and prospective shareholders can’t do anything about it, thanks to a weekslong trading suspension.

  • The Wall Street Journal13 hours ago

    Ping Pong Helps a Senior Bounce Back

    Intense training and league play at the table-tennis club founded by actress Susan Sarandon brings a New York woman new friends and fitness.

  • The Wall Street Journal15 hours ago

    Cheers! Coca-Cola Launches Its First Alcoholic Drink

    A fizzy lemon-flavored alcoholic beverage that goes on sale in Japan on Monday will mark Coca-Cola’s first fling at selling alcohol in its 132-year history.

  • The Wall Street Journal20 hours ago

    Fiat Chrysler Expected to Outline Future Without CEO Marchionne

    A decade after Chrysler filed for bankruptcy, a nearly debt-free Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is preparing to unveil a growth plan for the next five years at a test track outside Milan.

  • The Wall Street Journalyesterday

    Chances Revived for Korea Summit

    President Trump struck a more optimistic note after North Korea said it remained willing to meet despite his decision to scrap plans for a June 12 summit.

  • The Wall Street Journalyesterday

    Russia Gets New Sway Over Oil Prices

    Russia and Saudi Arabia are hammering out the terms of a deal to jointly increase oil production—a move that sent prices sharply lower and that extends, at least for now, a crucial role for Moscow in influencing ...

  • The Wall Street Journalyesterday

    We Found the Perfect Women's Work Bags

    After an intensive search and interviews with dozens of women, we’ve landed on 10 do-it-all solutions that marry function with elegance—and out-perform any man’s briefcase.

  • The Wall Street Journalyesterday

    Trump Team Seeks Truce With Congress Over ZTE

    The Trump administration is scrambling on Capitol Hill to keep lawmakers from undermining talks with China by blocking a deal to roll back penalties on telecom giant ZTE.

  • The Wall Street Journalyesterday

    North Korea, While Professing Peace, Escalated Cyberattacks Against South

    When the North and South Korean leaders vowed on April 27 to cease all hostile acts against each other, many saw it as a turning point in cross-border relations and a step toward a new era of peace. In ...

  • The Wall Street Journalyesterday

    Bull Market in Tech-Company Convertible Debt Rages On

    Publicly traded technology companies have been issuing bonds that convert into equity at a pace unseen since the height of the dot-com bubble as demand for tech stocks surges.

  • The Wall Street Journalyesterday

    Intel Faces Age-Discrimination Claims

    The federal watchdog for equal employment is investigating claims that Intel targeted workers for layoffs based on their age.

  • The Wall Street Journalyesterday

    Carl Icahn Sells About $550 Million of His Herbalife Stake

    Carl Icahn is paring down his investment in Herbalife Nutrition, locking in profits and cementing a victory over fellow activist William Ackman, who earlier this year bailed on a yearslong Herbalife short ...

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    Malaysian Police Seize $28 Million in Cash Connected to 1MDB

    Malaysian police said they seized the equivalent of more than $28 million in 26 different currencies in an empty apartment searched as part of a probe into 1MDB, the troubled state investment fund founded ...

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    Once a Wall Street Force, Cruz Moves to the Cryptocurrency World

    Zoe Cruz, a currency trader whose rise through the ranks at Morgan Stanley made her one of the most powerful women on Wall Street, is attempting a comeback in the cryptocurrency world.

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    The Tax Law Slashed This Break. Here's How Companies Are Trying to Keep It.

    Companies are exploring ways to sidestep last year’s tax-code overhaul that limited an important break—the deductibility of interest payments.

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    In Auto Tariffs, a High-Stakes Game of Chicken

    How would auto companies adapt to President Donald Trump’s threatened tariffs on imported vehicles and parts? The industry’s response to another U.S. president’s tariffs more than 50 years ago offers some ...

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    Pollution Worsens Around Shell Oil Spills in Nigeria

    The environmental damage around the site of two Shell oil spills in Nigeria a decade ago has worsened significantly after years of delay to cleanup efforts, according to a report the oil giant has been ...

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    Does Smart Luggage Really Make Travel Easier?

    High-tech bags preempt the nightmarish struggle to find an outlet at the airport. But they come with their own built-in issues. Here, we explore both sides of the debate.

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    Bill Moves to Block U.S. From Buying Chinese Surveillance Equipment

    The government will be banned from buying Chinese-made surveillance cameras under a $717 billion defense-policy bill, the latest move against Chinese technology on the basis of national security concerns....

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    Doctor, No: Short Seller Steps Up Fight With Samsonite Over CEO's Credentials

    Activist investment fund Blue Orca has intensified its attack on Samsonite after the luggage maker’s chief executive admitted he never graduated with a Ph.D.

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    Big Trouble in Little Japan

    Japan’s economy shrank last quarter for the first time since 2015. Analysts have focused on still-weak inflation, but the real problem may be slowing global growth.

  • The Wall Street Journal2 days ago

    Yes, Cars Still Come With Stick---Here Are a Few New Favorites

    Spoilsport experts have long predicted the extinction of manual transmissions. But even as fully automated cars loom, loyal drivers remain stuck on the stick. And auto makers are noticing.