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    5 Survival Tips for Non-Morning People Who Have to Be Up Early for Work

    You’re basically a vegetable in the morning, so keep your morning routine as bare bones and as streamlined as possible. If you are not a morning person, it’s a mistake to have a long, complicated morning routine that takes hours, as it can turn your mornings into a struggle and eat into your sleep time

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    4 Things to Cut Out of Your Wedding if You Want to Save a Significant Amount of Cash

    People think getting married in Singapore is expensive, but it really costs only $26 to ROM—yes, even on “auspicious” dates like the 8th of August. It’s the wedding that drains people’s cash, and all the bells and whistles that go with it—the fancy banquet, the pre-wedding shoot in some exotic locale

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    3 Consequences the Zero Vehicle Growth Rate May Have on the Property Market

    The full implications of the government’s recent announcement about the reduction of the vehicle growth rate to zero have not hit us yet. Before the announcement was made, many Singaporeans no doubt continued ...

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    5 More Things You Should Do in 2018 to Improve Your Finances

    Coming up with very specific, easy-to-satisfy resolutions (transfer $x to a savings account at the beginning of every month) is a lot more effective than inventing a big, vague one you have no idea how to fulfil (like “become a billionaire”). The world of credit cards is a fickle one. One day, your

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    How Will the New HDB Resale Portal Benefit Singaporeans?

    Dying to move out of your parents’ home into a cosy HDB flat of your own? To be fair, Singaporeans have already gotten used to using the Internet to source for and sell property. The new portal has the potential to make resale transactions move twice as fast.

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    What Should Singaporeans Expect From The Economy in 2018?

    A year ago, Singaporeans were fretting over the possibility of an economic slowdown amidst a spate of retrenchments. A potential oversupply of housing units due to 2017’s en bloc fever and poor rental returns could make property loans even more onerous for property investors.

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    3 CNY Weekend Getaways That are Relatively Affordable if You Book Soon

    For those of us who aren’t exactly looking forward to being grilled by nosey relatives or having to listen to shrill-voiced children singing Chinese New Year songs in every shopping mall we have the misfortune to enter, Chinese New Year is a time to escape overseas. Hordes of Singaporeans and Malaysians

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    5 Things to Do Before You Leave Singapore to Study Abroad

    Every year, thousands of Singaporean students say goodbye to their families at Changi Airport and leave to study abroad. When you study abroad, you’ll be at the mercy of your host country’s healthcare system. Unless the country offers free healthcare to everyone within its borders, no questions asked

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    5 Things Singaporeans Should be Pessimistic About in 2018

    The private property market has been in a slump for quite some time due to the cooling measures, which has made it a great time for prospective purchasers. The only reason some of us still take taxis from time to time is that metered fares are sometimes cheaper than Grab or Uber when prices surge during

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    5 Non-Sport Hobbies That Can Keep You Fit and How Much They Cost

    Are you the sort of person who always tried to feign a stomach ache whenever it was time for a PE lesson? Do you cringe every time your yearly IPPT rolls around because you know you are going to die during ...

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    ComfortDelGro Invests in Uber – How Will Singaporeans Be Affected?

    You have two options: try your darnest to get a taxi, or order an Uber/Grab and pray that surge pricing doesn’t kill you. ComfortDelGro has bought a majority stake in Uber’s car rental subsidiary, Lion City Holdings. Private car hire businesses Uber and Grab have been killing ComfortDelGro’s business

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    4 Things All Singaporeans Should Create a Budget For in 2018

    No matter how great or how awful 2017 was for you, you probably share the same lament that every other Singaporean makes at the end of the year: I should have saved more money. You can then create budget categories to determine how much of that money you will allow yourself to spend in each. Here are

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    3 Career Moves Every Singaporean Should Make at the Beginning of the Year

    At this time of year, you’ve either just received your annual bonus and increment, or you’re waiting for it to be announced. Whether you’re weeping tears of joy and swearing eternal allegiance to your boss or angrily sending your CV to recruiters, here are three things you should be doing to improve

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    Want to Finally Use Your SkillsFuture Credits? Bear These 3 Things in Mind Before Signing Up for a Course

    It’s best to sign up for courses in a deliberate manner, already knowing what skills you intend to acquire and what role they will play in your career. After acquiring and honing your new skills, you’ll probably need to partake in some manoeuvring at work or perhaps even look for a new job before you

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    Why are More and More Singaporeans Choosing to Travel Over Public Holidays?

    Each time public holidays roll around, Singaporeans rush to Changi Airport to get out of the country. This year, more Singaporeans opted to go abroad for the Christmas and New Year long weekends instead of spending them at home with friends and family. During Chinese New Year, which has traditionally

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    5 Expensive Habits Singaporeans Should Consider Breaking in 2018

    Anyone who claims they have no bad habits is lying, or at a job interview. We’ve all got some nasty little habits we’d rather nobody knew about. For some of us, it’s flicking boogers out the window. For ...

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    Car Ownership in Singapore – 3 Ways To Help Afford a Car Even if You’re Far From Rich

    If you’ve done the math and are willing to shoulder the financial cost of car ownership, here are some tips for getting yourself a vehicle with a not-so-high income. Anyone who’s buying a car but isn’t rich enough not to feel the pinch needs to consider only second hand cars. On the other hand, a second

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    Car Repairs in Singapore – Is The Lift on Warranty Restrictions a Big Deal?

    Every time the government tweaks vehicle-related regulations, car owners steel themselves for another financial pinch. Beginning in 2018, car owners no longer need to worry about losing their warranties no matter which workshops they service their cars at. It has been common practice for car dealers

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    What Should You Do When Your Passport is Lost or Stolen Overseas?

    Before you leave Singapore, always check where the nearest Singapore Embassy or High Commission is at your destination, and take note of their opening hours. The Embassy or High Commission should be your first port of call if you lose your passport.

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    5 Unique Travel Ideas for Singaporeans Who’ve Already Been Everywhere

    Local start-up Anywhr plans holidays in surprise destinations for Singaporeans who’ve already been everywhere. You then show up at the airport at an appointed date and time, and only then will you receive information about your destination and accommodation. Half the excitement seems to be the anticipation

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    Female Readers List Their Favourite Online Shopping Sites and Why They Think It’s Cheaper

    As a Singaporean female (or just any ordinary common folk), I’m always on the lookout for cheap and quality buys online. As the Hokkien saying goes, “ ai pee, ai chee, ai tua liap nee ”; I want the best ...

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    4 Cheap Things Singaporeans Buy Overseas That End Up Being Fake

    You might not be able to haggle for goods in Singapore the way you can in Thailand or Vietnam. The high prices of infant formula in Singapore have probably taking the birth rate down a notch or two. To be precise, fake infant formula disguised as Enfagrow A+’s Enfalac A+ 1.8kg product has been seized

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    SG Homebuyers in 2018 – How the 2017 En-bloc Sales Fever May Hit You Hard

    It seems Singapore’s property slump might soon be over. Recently, a wave of en-bloc sales swept Singapore , leading us to believe that housing prices could soon be in the rise. Why is this cause for concern? ...

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    4 Ways to Make Sure Your Old HDB Flat is a Decent Retirement Asset

    There’s been a lot of talk lately about how older HDB flats are an unwise purchasing decision . Sure, the possibility of outliving your HDB flat is a good argument for an early death. But whether you’ve ...

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    Amazon Prime Singapore – What Does Full Membership Mean for Singaporeans?

    Amazon has been a big disappointment for Singaporeans. After all the hype surrounding the launch of Amazon Prime Now, everyone was dismayed to discover that the product range was nothing like its US counterpart’s. Recently, Amazon announced that they were launching full Prime membership in Singapore