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PropertyGuru: The Hottest Property Site in Singapore

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PropertyGuru is no stranger to Singaporeans looking to buy or sell properties. The leading online property portal was founded in 2006 and aims to make property search easy and convenient for investors and consumers. Since its first VC funding in 2008, PropertyGuru has maintained positive cash-flow, turned profitable, and even saw its revenue growth double in 2011.

The impressive figures don’t stop there. Currently, its electronic inventory includes 200 property developers, half a million residential and commercial properties listings, and an amazing 82 million property pages. PropertyGuru is mobile-focused as well with twelve mobile applications in four countries and three languages. These applications have attracted 400,000 downloads so far.

Of course there’s plenty of competition. iProperty and STProperty are two other alternatives in the property-search industry. And when it comes to competition, Steve Melhuish, co-founder and chief executive officer of PropertyGuru Group says:

Despite increasing competition in the online property market, independent findings validate our clear brand leadership position in Singapore. [...] We’ve developed strong relationships with our customers and continue to focus on delivering great results for them.

PropertyGuru has established itself as the market leader for online property search in Singapore, with Alexa, Google Analytics, Hitwise, Effective Measure and Comscore validating the figures.

Property Portals PropertyGuru iProperty STProperty
Visits 2,300,718 * 131,000 348,000
Page Views 27,942,752 * 1,293,000 3,325,000
Page Views/Visits 12.15 * 9.87 9.55
Local Property Listings 165170 48752 47646
Alexa SG rank § 19 97 72
Hitwise Rank –Page Views (Business/Finance) ** 1 8 -

Steve notes that is ranked 19th in Singapore among all websites while its closest competitors trails in the 72nd spot. According to Experian Hitwise, has recorded over eight times more traffic than its rivals in terms of both visits and page views.

PropertyGuru will continue our strategy to not only strengthen our presence in Singapore and the region by developing the core business for all things property-related, but also continually strive to meet the changing demands of our consumers for better informed property search.

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