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Post-MORE Act: Five innovative stocks to watch this month

Post-MORE Act: Five innovative stocks to watch this month
US Congress

As the pro-cannabis MORE Act clears the House Judiciary Committee, it has the potential for legalization on a national level – prompting investors to monitor these five innovative and emerging CBD stocks ($INNO, $ CCHWF, $AYUR, $ FFNTF, $TLRY).

Since the beginning of October, governments around the world have prepared to reduce their coronavirus-era travel restrictions, which has boosted shareholder confidence in the travel and tourism industry, sending global stock exchanges into a market frenzy. In an effort to expedite the return to normalcy and promote economic drivers, members of the U.S. House of Representatives are advancing the MORE Act, a bill that will deliver a profound economic impact and produce thousands of high-paying jobs nationwide. The new legislation is equally viewed as a catalyst for considerable investment in rising hi-tech companies utilizing cannabis-based products.

In recent years, there has been a notable emergence in biotech and pharmaceuticals companies that have capitalized on CBDs (“cannabinol”, the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis and an essential component in medical purposes) manufacture modern and innovative products.

As of now, the upcoming MORE Act has attracted broad congressional support from both sides of the aisle, though there are nevertheless a plethora of potential obstacles. However, even with the multitude of variables, the financial hype around its prospective passage demonstrates the strength of the expanding CBD industry. For investors interested in the flourishing industry, whether experienced or novice, the following stock-listed CBD companies are on the verge of a market upsurge.

1. InnoCan Pharma (CSE: INNO) (FSE: IP4) (OTCQB: INNPF)

In the past year, InnoCan Pharma’s stock rose almost 650%. The company is currently ranked on the Canadian securities exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany, and the American OTC Ventures Market. Don’t let that discourage investors, who have been flocking to the valuable asset in the past month, understanding that the company’s evaluated growth has yet to surface.

InnoCan Pharma is a Canadian-Israeli pharmaceutical enterprise that is at the forefront of developing new CBD-based solutions to cell damage in the central nervous system (CNS). Founded and managed by some of the industry’s titans in biotech and pharma-tech, InnoCan equally holds strategic partnerships with some of Israel’s most prestigious research institutions, allowing the company to develop innovative products, including its signature exosome and liposome delivery systems – providing a new mechanism which more efficiently injects CBD into the bloodstream in contrast to present oral methods.

After much research on the promising company, its stock growth depends heavily on R&D results, positive experiment results from its labs at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ramot Lab at Tel Aviv University, and critical shifts in the market. As the company has commenced operations in the United States and Europe, including with its CBD cosmetic products, the upcoming MORE Act should have a major impact on the company’s impending value.

2. Columbia Care Inc. (OTC: CCHWF)

Columbia Care Inc. is one of the largest and well-known medical CBD producers in the United States and Europe. In the past few months, the emerging company launched its new commercial brand, Cannabist. The new platform will constitute a retail source for dispensaries, medical and recreational, in order to provide customers with the highest-quality products digitally in real-time.

In September, Columbia via Cannabist secured approvals for fourteen dispensaries in the State of Florida, in addition to adding over 38,000 square feet of cultivation and manufacturing sites to its over 100,000 sq. ft. operation. In recent years, the State of Florida has received a significant boost in its cannabis industry due to the opening of its once overly restrictive laws. With the House of Representative’s upcoming legislation, the bill would greatly assist companies like Columbia which contracts its services by each individual state and its established laws instead of working nationwide.

While the stock has had trended downward over the past few months, investors should take notice of the financial forecasts and approaching market trends. Currently, Columbia Care is listed as “CCHWF” on the American OTC Ventures Market and is valued at $3.84 USD – an overall increase of 19% this year.

3. Ayurcann Holdings Corp. (CSE: AYUR) (FSE: 3ZQ0)

Founded in 2018, Ayurcann Holdings Corp. is one of Canada’s leading cannabis extraction companies, focusing on developing high-grade products for the country’s medical industry. Ayurcann functions as a “one-stop-shop” for Canadian customers, providing “end-to-end” services such as: extraction, refinement, packaging, fulfillment and distribution. Since its establishment, the company has additionally set itself apart by its medical cannabis marketplace, which offers prominent cannabis products like tincture, vapes, topicals, and more.

According to the Canada Regulatory Review, in 2020, medical cannabis exports from Canada were valued at $43 million USD – an increase of 229% from 2019. Therefore, any greater legalization of cannabis will benefit enterprises like Ayurcann Holdings, driving investment in the promising company.

Earlier this month, the company entered into a considerable deal with National Cannabis Distribution (“NCD”), an exclusive and leading wholesale distributor in Saskatchewan, Canada. The strategic agreement also allows Ayurcann to advertise and initiate substantial investor relations campaigns in order to build its branding in Canada and beyond.

Due to its bona fides as well as its recent order from NCD, whether or not the pending American legislation passes the American Congress, investors should continue to monitor Ayurcann Holdings Corp., which is ranked on the Canadian Securities Exchange as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

4.Front Ventures Corp. (OTC: FFNTF)

At the forefront of the cannabis production and investment, 4Front Ventures operates a two-prong business strategy – managing licensed cannabis facilities in licensed states and distributing its home-grown products around the United States. As an American company, 4Front Ventures has been fighting the policy battle since its founding.

Since its establishment in 2011, the company has been granted over sixty licenses with clients across the country, including in Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Illinois. Due to 4Front’s close regulatory involvement and long-time relationships with cannabis producers, its ability to navigate the market and upcoming opportunities should be a crucial indicator for prospective investors.

Given the initial bipartisan interest in the U.S. House of Representatives, 4Front Ventures could multiply its current holdings. As of today, the company is listed on the OTC Ventures Market as “FFNTF” with $1.04 USD per share – practically doubling its asset value this year ($0.57).

5. Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY)

In recent years, Tilray (TLRY) has become one of the most popular cannabis stocks on the market, exploding onto the scene in 2021. The company specializes in cannabis research, cultivation, and distribution, with over twenty brands in over twenty countries – including Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. While the company is based in Nanaimo, Canada, is has been ranked as a top medical CBDstock in the United States.

Earlier in the year, Tilray’s stock price spiked to trade above $63.90 per share before trending down to the current price of about $11.15. Though the sudden market boost was uncanny, it was championed by a $4 billion dollar revenue future. Though this assessment indeed fell short, the MORE Act shows the company’s potential and room for substantial global growth.

Currently, the company is heavily investing in several diversified sectors of the cannabis industry, building a tenacious CBD product line. In 2020, the company launched its own brand of medicinal cannabis products called “Symbios.” It will include flowers, pre-rolled cigarettes, and cosmetic oils. In addition, even before the upcoming legislation, Tilray began developing new opportunities and ventures, such as CBD-infused drinks and edibles.

Today, many investors are resentful of Tilray’s massive market increase and abrupt decrease. Though these shareholders are correct in their logic, they must absorb the comprehensive picture of Tilray and its imminent rise back to over $60 USD per share – whether the MORE Act passes in the coming weeks or fails to pass its subsequent committee hearings. As of now, the company is ranked on NASDAQ, the largest global stock exchange, and is up over 106% this year.

Each investor must make that decision based on his or her judgment of the market.

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