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How to Optimize a Supply Chain that Withstands Outbreaks like COVID-19

Quantzig’s recent article offers comprehensive insights

Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its recent article that explains how analytics can help you build a supply chain that withstands.

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Four Steps to Tackle Supply Chain Challenges (Graphic: Business Wire)

The article also offers comprehensive insights on:

1. How pandemic outbreaks like COVID-19 disrupt supply chain management

2. The role of analytics in mitigating supply chain challenges

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The death toll due to COVID-19 has crossed more than a million now. With every passing day, the world is getting to witness a rise in the number of positive cases, hence it is quite evident that the world is about to face a massive economic crisis. Livelihoods and jobs are at stake now. Considering the threats this novel virus is posing to human health, businesses around the globe are prioritizing the smooth function of their supply chain and logistics. Supply chain optimization currently requires most of our undivided attention because most of the fortune 100 companies are experiencing disruptions in business operations as a result of the novel coronavirus.

The disruption of the global supply chain is poised to have a large-scale impact on the economy. In such situations, businesses must focus on strengthening their strategies. Speak to our analytics experts to tackle supply chain challenges with a fail-proof strategy.

According to Quantzig’s supply chain management experts, "Most of the supply chain structures are fundamentally ill-equipped to cope with increasing numbers of unplanned disruptions."

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Five Steps to Tackle Supply Chain Challenges

1: Conduct an end-to-end supply chain risk assessment and devise a robust strategy

2: Improve and invest in your supply chain capabilities

3: Focus on process automation

4: Implement reporting tools and frequently monitor risks

5: Devise a crisis management plan for future challenges

Developing a cognitive global supply chain response to the outbreak of COVID-19 is challenging, given the scale of the crisis and the rate at which the crisis is evolving. Quantzig’s supply chain experts continuously monitor global supply chain management issues and help you to predict and analyze disruptions in the supply chain.

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