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OCBC, UOB, DBS had the highest market share gains in the past 9 years


Followed by Korean and Indian large banks.

According to Barclays, for the past nine years (2003-11), large banks in Asia excluding Japan, recorded a 1.3% decline in deposit market share gains: 51% for 2011 vs. 52.3% for 2003.

Here's more from Barclays:

The decline was attributable to the 15.6% fall in market share for China large banks. Excluding China’s large banks as well as those in Japan, large Asian banks posted a moderate 1.1% deposit market share gain for the period.

China’s largest five state-owned banks witnessed broader restructuring in their businesses during their pre-IPO period, leading to a steady fall in their deposit shares for 2003-07.

Singapore large banks (+11.3%) grew the most during the period, followed by the Korean (+2.1%) and Indian (+1.1%) large banks. Taiwan’s large banks posted 0.3% gains during the period. China’s banks declined the most followed by Indonesian (4.4%) and Hong Kong (3.6%) large banks.

AEJ large banks with the highest market share gains
To funnel down stocks with maximum market share gains, we have categorized the market share gains for the region’s large banks into two parts: >=1% and <1%.

In the first category (>=1%), all three large Singapore banks – OCBC, UOB and DBS – posted the best market share gains in the AEJ region during the period, up 6.0%, 4.0% and 1.3%, respectively. In Indonesia, where the top five banks cumulatively held 51% of 2011 deposits, Bank Rakyat Indonesia witnessed 4.8% market share gains followed by Bank CIMB Niaga (+2.4%).

For Korean banks, Woori and Shinhan advanced 4.4% and 1.2%, respectively. For Indian banks, HDFC Bank and Bank of Baroda gained 2.2% and 1.7%, respectively. In Hong Kong, Standard Chartered’s Hong Kong operations, which held 9% of Hong Kong’s system bank deposits in 2011, registered market share gains of 2.7%.

In the second category (<1%), large Indian public sector unit (PSU) banks posted the best market share gains in the AEJ region. Bank of India’s market share expanded the most (+0.7%), followed by that of Punjab National Bank (+0.6%). For Taiwan banks, Mega and Chinatrust gained 0.5% a piece. China’s Bank of Communications (+0.2%) grew moderately during the period. 

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