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Noise Street: Making In-Store Advertising More Interactive

Emily Goh

Yesterday, it was announced that Singapore startup NoiseStreet and SPH MediaBoxOffice have partnered to launch a smartphone-based solution that aims to bring a new level of engagement, interactivity, and immediacy to what’s called out-of-home advertising (OOH) - ads in stores and on the street. The smartphone-based solution, also known as Noise Street, is part of the drive to make screens a two-way medium, instead of a one-way platform. Noise Street claims to be a one-of-its-kind in Asia, allowing consumers to be engaged with advertisements, and enabling them to play games on their smartphones in order to receive rewards and benefits on-the-spot. Edward Tang, SPH MediaBoxOffice’s general manager, explains:

We’re committed to bringing leading-edge innovation to our advertisers. This partnership with NoiseStreet allows retail advertisers to increase footfall and sales, and brand owners to create a unique engagement with consumers.

Using Noise Street’s custom analytics, retailers are able to tailor future marketing promotions to suit their customers’ preferences, such as tracking redemption rates, promotion-linked in-store sales, and the level of user engagement during the promotion period. They are also able to select from a ready-made set of available games developed by Noise Street or design a customized one. In a recently concluded pilot promotion with bubble tea brand GongCha, it is said to have attracted new customers with good redemption results. Customers at the participating branch played a ‘Guess the Drawing and Win!’ game, which could be played by scanning a QR code in the mall’s foyer. With the correct answer, consumers could proceed directly to the mall’s GongCha outlet to redeem their rewards. Anyone can take advantage of such promotions, provided they have an internet-enabled smartphone. No apps are required. NoiseStreet : Engage your audience .. from NoiseStreet on Vimeo.