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Meridian Health Protocol Review: Healing Program That Works?

Marketing By Kevin
·12-min read

Meridian Health Protocol is at-home natural healing technique program that works to help provide safe results, but does it actually work to provide protection against disease, illness and infection, or is it not worth the money?

Meridian Health Protocol Reviews

Meridian Health Protocol Reviews
Meridian Health Protocol Reviews
Meridian Health Protocol Reviews

Chicago, IL, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Meridian Health Protocol is a program that uses multiple techniques that provide relaxation for anyone with a little pressure on the right areas of the body. This program is entirely digital, and users will have the opportunity to make changes to their diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

What is the Meridian Health Protocol?

Healing the body is often a task meant reserved for medical professional, but there are so many ways that consumers can pursue natural healing nowadays. Acupuncture became incredibly popular in recent decades, placing pressure on different points of the body with the use of a small needle. However, needles aren't for everyone, leading the holistic community to come up with other options. While all of these methods may seem a little unsubstantiated in their claims, using the Meridian Health Protocol can be quite a different experience.

With the Meridian Health Protocol, consumers won't have to spend thousands of dollars to heal their body. On the online advertisement, users will go through several minutes of lessons that describe what they can do to heal their own body. For the most part, these techniques and therapeutic activities have been around for quite a while, but they haven't quite maintained a presence in mainstream healing. Large pharmaceutical companies have fought to keep these natural methods hidden, protecting themselves from the massive financial loss they would sustain.

The entire program was curated by George Bridgeham, but he isn't a doctor. Instead, he is a health researcher and practitioner there has found a simple and medication-free method to maintain wellness. The techniques described have an incredible effect on the body, and George even suggests that problems like tumor growth and hardened arteries are erased with these methods. Some people have used it to eliminate arthritis, while others have erased their digestive issues and fatigue.

With this program, users will follow the techniques described by Master Lim, and they can all be done without help. The purpose of the techniques is to be completely self-sufficient when eliminating the life-threatening diseases that can plague consumers, like heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease. The entire process helps consumers to learn about the effects of Meridian healing. While it took years for Master Lim to gain the full control, the same amount of time will not be needed by anyone that gets involved with Meridian Health Protocol.

How Does the Meridian Health Protocol Work?

Going through this program will be an adventure for any new user as they learn how to apply meridian therapy to their healing. It doesn’t take the same decades that it would’ve taken Master Lim to take in these lessons, because he has adapted the program to be easier for all users to get the benefits. He’s even concentrated the program into certain areas of the body that it addresses, freeing it from pain that would otherwise be treated with surgery or drugs.

However, the reason that Meridian Health Protocol sets itself apart is because it doesn’t exclusively deal with the meridian therapy itself, which is why it is a complete system. They’ll learn about the five-minute exercises that they can take on each day that regulate the rhythm of the body. While most people think that this rhythm is the circadian rhythm that controls their nightly sleep, that is not the case. Instead, the rhythm refers specifically to the “Chi” of the body.

“Chi” is simply a way to explain the energy in the body, and it often is only capable of serving one function. By regulating the meridian that can properly deal with that function, users will need to learn Master Lim’s methods. The methods will show users all of the points on their body, as well as the impact that they have. For instance, if the points on the body that control the digestive system are blocked, the digestive system is disrupted. Master Lim includes the methods that users will need to use to clear these meridian points, which is the key to the healing.

By learning about the meridian points in the body, consumers can also educate themselves about the proper ways to massage them. The guide will show the correct times of the day to massage the points, and they will magically see their various ailments and pain subside. The creator even notes that the reason that these keys have been so well-hidden and misunderstood by Western medicine is due to the location; none of these meridian points are actually where the issues take place.

In the world of Chinese medicine, patients aren’t treated for individual issues at the same time; instead, these practitioners examine the entire body at one point. In doing so, they can help with the roadblocks in energy that could be clogging up different systems. Individuals that deal with arthritis in one part of the body could actually need to clear up the meridian points in their neck or finger.

Individuals who are typically ill tend to become sick with other conditions. While some people blame this predisposition to illness on a faulty immune system, the creators behind the Meridian Health Protocol don’t believe that they have the entire story. Instead, the Chinese see this issue as a lack of communication within the meridian system that is caused by blockages.

Without freeing the blockages, the signals that various areas of the body receive to heal are far too late to make a difference. This single meridian point can be responsible for leaving the body exposed to the germs that can cause disease. So, what happens when consumers actually clear out these blockages for a healthy meridian system?

According to Master Lim, the techniques used to free up these meridian points can:

  • Promote improvements in the body’s natural production of white blood cells.

  • Cause the immune system to fight back against the threat of disease.

  • Destroy any of the microorganisms that come from man-made substances that could kill off the healthy cells.

  • Increase how effective the use of antioxidants can be against the appearance of aging in the complexion.

  • Increase the production of interferon (which can obliterate cancer cells)

Even though all of these achievements may seem a little lofty for a program that centers around cleansing the Chi, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have been unable to shut it down. Instead, with presentations like the Meridian Health Protocol, the methods simply become more mainstream and well understood.

History of the Meridian System

A meridian is simply a path for the energy to flow through. As long as the user keeps these paths clear, their body can heal. It won’t prevent injury or discomfort, but the body will be able to keep healing as it is meant to. There’s plenty of research on the existence of these meridians, though one of the most shocking studies was in 1992 when Master Jean-Claude Darras and Master Pierre de Vernejoul confirmed the system’s existence.

These masters tested their hypothesis on 300 willing participants, injecting them with radioactive tracers that were entirely safe to their health. They wanted to see how the tracers progressed through the participants’ bodies, so they tracked them with extremely sensitive cameras. Unfortunately, the cameras were unable to detect the movement if they did not go into the meridian point specifically. If they were injected at exactly the right point, they navigated through the entire meridian system. In doing so, they learned exactly what ancient Chinese civilizations already knew centuries ago.

The ancient Chinese correlated this system with the “Chi,” or the life force, of the body. The Chi contains much of the information that controls the way that the body functions, allowing the body to properly heal with this delivery of data.

Purchasing Access to Meridian Health Protocol

Everything that consumers will need to know about the Meridian Health Protocol is found within the digital materials offered on the official website. Consumers will only need to make a payment of $39.95 to gain access.

If the user finds that this program doesn’t work for their needs, the company offers a 60-day refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Meridian Health Protocol

How does Meridian therapy differ from acupuncture and acupressure?

Acupuncture is likely to be the most familiar self-care regimen that consumers are familiar with, using needles to activate different areas of relief in the body. With acupressure, the user applies pressure to the same points, but without needles.

Taking on Meridian therapy is much different because the goal is to help the user improve the flow of energy throughout their body. It focuses on multiple techniques, but it is easy for consumers to impose on themselves.

How is it possible for the Meridian Health Protocol to work so well?

Even though the program is not nearly as familiar as what most people experience, that doesn’t mean that it will be ineffective. The only way for consumers to see what the Meridian Health Protocol brings is to try it out.

How long will users have to participate in the Meridian Health Protocol before they see results?

The relief that comes with this program should start almost instantly. Consumers will start to feel relaxed and almost warm with the balance that comes over them. While some people take a little longer to see a change, the recommendations of exercise and dietary changes will be life changing. The pain that they’ve continued to experience will go away, and the tiredness will subside. There are already many reviews online that document the incredible changes.

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Is this program a replacement for a doctor-ordered regimen?

Not at all. The creators behind this program cannot direct the user to forgo the plans of their doctor to improve their health. Users that have a prescription regimen may want to see a medical professional first.

What is the right amount of pressure to apply?

The manual and videos will all show the right amount of pressure to get the desired results.

How will users know if they are putting pressure on the right parts of the body?

The sign that users are doing these movements right is the relief. This relief will come with or without pain, but it can take a little time for some people to feel the changes. Users will sleep better at night, and they’ll have more energy during the day.

Is it possible for consumers to treat more than one issue that they have at once?

While it is not unheard of to make progress with this program, consumers should be aware that this regimen is not used as a way to treat different conditions. Instead, it focuses on handling different symptoms. Consumers that have concerns about a current condition should speak with their doctor as soon as possible.

The customer service team can only be reached by filling out the online form found at


Meridian Health Protocol gives consumers the knowledge and tools to protect their immune system from the damaging germs that surround it daily. The program may seem overwhelming with the amount of information that consumers receive from it, but creator Master Lim has made the entire program relatively comprehensive for anyone that reads through the program. There are changes in exercise, as well as in the diet that users follow. However, if the user finds that this program is not the right regimen for them, they are covered by a money-back guarantee.

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