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Mass-market home prices to rocket up to 5% in 2013

On the flip side, posh home prices will dip.

According to OCBC, as indicated in its last residential sector report dated 26 Jun 2012, there is deep value embedded in high-end developer stocks.

Here's more from OCBC:

Year to date, we have seen ~20.9K new homes (excluding landed and EC) sold by developers, of which the bulk (74%) are mass-market (OCR) units.

As interest rates remain low, we believe that continued monetary liquidity in the market would underpin demand for mass-market units.

We forecast for mass market property prices to appreciate 0%-5% in 2013. For high-end property, we expect prices to dip 0% - 10% in 2013, due to the impact of recent cooling measures.

We expect continued strength in the mass-market segment in FY13. 

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