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Love using Technical indicators in your trades? Now Trading Central indicators are available on MT5.

Experienced traders would be no stranger to Trading Central, a leading global provider of technical analytics. Their technical strategies cover a variety of investment asset classes like equities, indices, forex, commodities and fixed-income markets.

Trading Central’s speciality lies in its provision of actionable data. It offers real time data on live charts, backtested strategies and research, with support from its patented pattern recognition and its global research team.

Most recently, Trading Central made its Alpha Generation indicators available for the MT5, in a nod to the growing popularity of MetaQuotes’ latest platform.


Trading Central adapts to changing investor needs

Trading Central was founded in 1999, by its CEO, Alain Pellier and its Managing Director, Romain Gandon. Since then, the company has developed a plugin of its proprietary indicators for the MT5 platform, known as the TC Alpha Generation indicators.

The Alpha Generation indicators comprises of 3 innovative indicators – Analyst Views, Adaptive Candlesticks, and Adaptive Divergence Convergence – which are superimposed onto the charts within the MT5 platform.

Here’s how these indicators can help you in your trades.


Analyst Views

The Analyst Views indicator offers Trading Central’s directional perspective on your MT5 charts. These views are backed by their daily pivot points with commentary from their in-house analyst.

In the chart above, the Analyst Views indicator shows Trading Central’s preferred direction with the target lines in red. At the same time, an alternative scenario kicks in should prices rise above the pivot point, with target levels in the opposite direction in green.


Adaptive Candlesticks

Candlestick charts are the most popular charts among traders. The Adaptive Candlesticks indicator takes the charts to the next level.

This indicator scans for 16 of the most effective candle stick patterns – based on Trading Central’s research – on any chart in real time.

It also utilises Trading Central’s quantitative and technical analysis to filter out patterns that are most relevant to the investor’s decision making process.


Adaptive Divergence Convergence (ADC)

The ADC indicator is similar to the better-known Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator, but is more effective at shorter timeframes and provides more timely signals, according to Trading Central.

Here’s how the ADC indicator and the signals will look like in your MT5 charts.



Long & Short entry/exit signals

Long signals are denoted by the green up arrows, and LX means “long exit”. Short signals are denoted by the red down arrows, and SX stands for “short exit.

These signals are based on all ADC components, such as price lines, indicators and oscillators.


Raw & Smooth signal lines

For fast signals, you will need to look for upward sloping lines, and for ADC raw to be above ADC smooth to buy. For slow signals, you will need to look for both ADC raw and smooth to be above 0.



Oscillators – Slow & Fast

For fast signals, you will need to look for the fast oscillator to be sloping up and above zero, whereas for slow signals, you will need to look for the fast oscillator to be above the slow or look for the slow oscillator to be sloping up, below the fast oscillator, and above the adaptive filter.


How to start using TC Alpha Generation indicators on MT5?

Phillip Futures has made TC Alpha Generation indicators available on its Phillip MT5 platform, as part of its continuous effort to provide traders with the best-in-class investment support.

To start using the TC Alpha Generation indicators, you will need to open a MT5 account, and Phillip Futures is currently the only broker in Singapore to support the MT5 platform. Phillip Futures’ online account opening is paired with MyInfo so the entire form takes minutes to complete, and approval is just as efficient.

Once you have opened your MT5 account, you can download the plugin file. Then double-click on the file to start the setup. Follow the simple wizard guide to complete the set up.

Then, locate the Trading Central indicators in the navigator panel on the left.

Finally, drag and drop an indicator onto your chart. The indicator used in the example above is the Analyst Views indicator.


Still unsure?

Besides the Trading Central indicators, Phillip MT5 is also integrated with the powerful Autochartist pattern recognition tool. You can request for the MT5 demo account here, to try out the platform for yourself.

At the same time, you could learn more about FX trading strategies, and the current market outlook by attending one of Phillip Futures’ free seminars. Get the latest schedule here.

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