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Looking to Stop Smoking on New Years Day? Try Quit Pro for iPhone


As the new year is almost upon us, most of us are likely pondering some resolutions for 2013. For those of you looking to quit smoking this year, there’s a new application from Singapore-based Bitsmedia which could help you meet that challenge.

Its new app Quit Pro takes an analytical approach to kicking your habit, by recording not only when you smoke, but also where you smoked, as well as the feelings or events that brought on the craving (see screenshots below). There are options for quitting gradually, as well as cold turkey [1], so you can customize it to whichever looks achievable for you.

You can also track the length of time that you have managed to stay quit, and also the amount of money you’ve saved, and how it has affected your life expectancy. There’s an aspect of encouragement too, as the app comes with 200 motivational quotes from different health organizations.

I’m a big fan of these life-quantifying apps [2], and Quit Pro comes with some fun graphical features that help you track your habit.

quit-pro-0 quit-pro-1

Some of you may remember Bitsmedia as the same app developer behind the very popular Muslim Pro app, which we mentioned a few times last year. After a brief stint at Google, founder Erwan Macé has decided to refocus on his app development. Muslim Pro has over three million downloads on iOS and Android to date, and he says it is generating “decent revenues.” He says that his approach to development is very lean, as it’s mostly himself working as a one-man indie developer with some help from freelancers on occasion.

Erwan notes that he quit smoking 10 years ago using a similar Symbian application, and he thought that the same process could work for others. But with new tracking features, he says that Quit Pro is something entirely new.

Like Muslim Pro, Quit Pro is a freemium app that offers some additional content if you choose to upgrade. Admirably, Erwan is putting five percent back towards cancer research, and so if you’re looking for a reason to choose this over other smoking apps, I think that’s as good a reason as any. You can get it for free over on the app store.

  1. Mmmm, turkey…  ↩

  2. You’ll remember that I’ve been praising Japanese personal finance application Zaim this year. That’s another good one!  ↩

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