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A Look at How Foxconn Manufactures Apple's iPad [Video]


From Rob Schmitz, the man responsible for exposing the now infamous fabrications in Mike Daisey’s Foxconn trip [1], comes an insightful video piece showing highlights from the Foxconn (LSE:HHPD; HKEX:2038; TPE:2354) facilities, including the iPad on the assembly line. You can check out the clip below.

There’s a detailed report as well from last week in which Rob notes his impressions from visiting the factory in Shenzhen.

[A]fter you enter the gates and walk around, you quickly realize that it’s also a city – 240,000 people work here. Nearly 50,000 of them live on campus in shared dorm rooms. There’s a main drag lined on both sides with fast-food restaurants, banks, cafes, grocery stores, a wedding photo shop, and an automated library. There are basketball courts, tennis courts, a gym, two enormous swimming pools, and a bright green astroturf soccer stadium smack-dab in the middle of campus. . . This is not what comes to mind when you think “Chinese factory.

For more from Rob and the folks at Marketplace, check out the special Apple Economy section of their website. I also recommend Rob’s recent appearance on the Sinica podcast from a few weeks back [2].

As always it should be noted that besides Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL - News), Foxconn manufactures for practically every big name consumer electronics maker you can think of, including Acer, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Nintendo, Samsung, and Sony.

  1. Listen to Rob appear in the ‘retraction’ episode of This American Life, if you haven’t already. (You probably have.)  ↩

  2. Skip to the 29-minute mark for where the conversation turns to Rob and his reporting on the Mike Daisey mess.  ↩