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What You Need To Know About Pet Insurance in Singapore 2018

Ruchi Gupta

Pet ownership is on the rise in Singapore, and so are the costs that come into being in keeping a pet happy and healthy for a more extended lifespan. Pet insurance is a must for any person looking to offset any costs that might come into being as a result of unexpected injuries and illness to a beloved pet.


What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is a type of cover that reimburses pet owners certain medical expenses in case an insured animal falls sick or gets injured in an accident. Some policies go overboard to cover costs incurred once a pet dies or gets stolen or causes injuries or damages to a third party or property.

Pet insurance in Singapore is not limited to cats and dogs alone; some companies may offer coverage for a variety of animals such horses and rabbits.


Why you need pet Insurance


Veterinary Costs On The Rise

Unlike in the past, veterinary medicine and treatments have advanced. Cost of operations and treatments in return skyrocketed to levels that can be quite burdensome when one has to pay from their pockets. Pet Insurance addresses this issues by taking care of expenses that may arise on a visit to a vet.

Unexpected expenditure

Pet Insurance protects against unexpected expenditure that might come into being when a pet gets injured or falls sick. Just like other insurance policies, pet insurance protects from life’s unknowns.

It also provides an easy way to budget pet care costs.

Plan Customization

Most insurance providers make it possible to customize pet insurance policies, to fit the need of a given pet. In this case, an insurance provider will allow you to do what is best for your pet. Unlike human health insurance, pet insurance enables pet owners to you to choose their preferred veterinarian.

Better Quality Life

A good pet insurance will help your pet age gracefully with the best treatments and medications that most of the time would be out of reach in terms of costs


Tips for Choosing the Best Pet Insurance


Compare Pet Insurance Providers

By comparing what various insurance providers are offering, you should be able to make informed decisions with regards to the best pet insurance policy. A side by side comparison should uncover the best policy in terms of premiums, deductibles co-pays, and sample reimbursements.

It is also essential to check a pet insurance provider track record. By doing so, you should be able to end up with a company that has proven stability, experience, and positive recommendation.

Check what is covered and What Might Affect Coverage

It is common practice for insurance companies to have exclusion conditions in pet insurance policies. Some providers may opt against providing coverage for pre-existing hereditary and congenital conditions.

Before signing any agreement with an insurance company, take time to analyze the finer details. Take time to understand the factors that might affect coverage such as breed and pre-existing conditions.   Find out how often the premiums are likely to increase.

Take Cover Early

Taking cover early, not only increases the chances of getting the best deal but also makes it easy to claim crucial treatments when a pet is young. Most insurance providers may shy away from providing coverage if a pet is nine years old.

Insurance providers are known to provide coverage to pets that are as young as eight weeks.

Watch out for Policy Excesses

A policy with low premiums at the start, may necessarily not be the best. Some providers keep premiums low with the aim of increasing excesses for vet fees, which can make the policy to be expensive as a pet ages. It is crucial to monitor policy excess levels to ensure that any shortfalls are manageable


Top Pet Insurance in Singapore


PetCare Pet Insurance

Offered by Liberty Insurance Singapore, PetCare was the first insurance cover designed for pet’s, cats and dogs. The plan provides coverage for up to 70% of veterinary bills arising from illnesses as well as accidents.

For a pet to be eligible for the plan, it must be micro-chipped and be residing with the owner on the same premise. It must also be at least 8 weeks old and not more than 9 years old. The pet must not be a working dog or used for breeding purposes.

PetCare covers costs incurred in non-surgical treatment. Pet owners can visit any licensed veterinarian including specialists and emergency animal hospitals.

Its main drawback has to do with the fact that it does not cover hereditary or congenital conditions. Coverage also excludes theft and liability arising from an intentional or neglectful act. The policy also does not cover damage to teeth and gums unless as a result of an accident.

HappyTails Pet Insurance

HappyTails is a pet insurance cover provided by MSIG Singapore. Pet owners are guaranteed up to 80% reimbursement on vet bills before a mandatory Deductible of S$250. The plan provides immediate coverage for accidents upon signing up. However, there is a 3-months wait time before the policy kicks in to cover illnesses.

Dog and Puppy Plans

This option provides coverage to over 200 breeds of dogs and puppies. Its coverage includes illness, accidents specified, hereditary conditions specified, congenital conditions as well as cancer and surgery. It has an annual limit of S$12,500 for Furnball S$7,500 Furry and S$3,500 on Fur.


Just like PetCare, pet owners can visit any licensed veterinarian in case of an issue. The policy also covers costs and expenses incurred in case of euthanasia, cremation or funeral service. It also includes high coverage for chemotherapy and surgical treatments.

Paw Safe Pet Insurance

Paw Safe is an AIA Singapore powered pet insurance, designed to protect dogs against life unexpected and unfortunate turns. The plan’s annual premium starts at S$80 per year and covers liability, theft, cremation expenses as well as veterinary fees and accidental death.

For a dog to be insured under the plan, it must be three months old and not more than eight years. The plan provides coverage to all breeds of dogs except Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Canary Dog or Mastiff.


Coverage Accidental




Third Party




Theft Annual


                                                                           Paw SAFE AIA
For Dogs Only S$1,000 S$1,000,000 S$1,000 S$1,000 S$79.56


Deductible Per Claim S$1,000 S$150 S$250
                                                                                 PetCare Liberty
Standard S$1,000 S$500 S$100,000 S$1,500 S$300


Enhanced S$2,000 S$750 S$250,000 S$2,000 S$500


Superior S$3,000 S$3,000 S$500,000 S$10,000 S$1,250


Deductible Per Claim S$50 S$500
Co-Insurance 30%
                                                                                 HappyTails MSIG


S$100,000 S$2,500  

Based On

Pets Profile

Furry S$250,000 S$6,000
Furnball S$500,000 S$10,000
Puurfect S$250,000 S$3,800






(By Ruchi Gupta)

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