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Kalichain Introduces KALICERTIF: Advanced Product Authentication via NFTs


Kalichain is not just a blockchain solution for product certification. It's an innovative and diverse ecosystem that ensures a safe and reliable environment for brands and consumers.

Paris, France, Dec. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kalichain intends to radically change the world of product certification by launching its innovative blockchain technology, KALICERTIF.

The product will join the team's growing ecosystem, sticking to a clear release roadmap.


Thanks to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the company offers unparalleled authenticity and traceability in the trade of physical goods. This promises a future where transparency, security, and trust are paramount.


Rethinking Product Certification with KALICERTIF

KALICERTIF revolutionizes product certification with blockchain and NFTs. Its unique approach elevates traceability, security, and authenticity in physical goods trading.

This process combats counterfeiting and fraud through complete transparency. The service also introduces a brand royalty system, benefiting original creators with each resale of their product.

KALICERTIF uses advanced algorithms and AI for rigorous product verification. The system opens with product digitization, linking each good to a unique NFT. This NFT holds crucial product information, accessible via QR code or NFC chip scans.

The KALICERTIF algorithm then scrutinizes this data, flagging inconsistencies against the Kalichain blockchain records. AI monitors and learns by complementing this process, enhancing fraud detection accuracy and efficiency over time.

When the verification process concludes successfully, KALICERTIF generates an authentication report. This report affirms product authenticity and correct blockchain recording.

The system can halt transactions in potential fraud or counterfeit situations and alert relevant parties for further investigation. KALICERTIF ensures a robust, secure, and trustworthy environment for all Kalichain ecosystem users through these features.

An ongoing ICO to support KALICERTIF offers investors an opportunity to partake in this new product certification process. The ICO allows for the acquisition of Kalichain tokens, enabling access to exclusive services within the KALICERTIF ecosystem.

Understanding KALICERTIF in the Kalichain Ecosystem

KALICERTIF is the latest pillar of the Kalichain ecosystem coming to life. The product joins other features like the Kalichain block explorer, KALISPAY, and more.

The Kalichain block explorer provides complete transparency on the blockchain, while KALISMARKET will enable borderless online shopping. With KALISPAY, users can access an integrated payment system that simplifies cryptocurrency transactions.

KALISSA serves as a real-world example of Kalichain's capability for product certification. KALISHARE will offer a new way to invest and share real assets through blockchain.

About Kalichain

Kalichain is a diverse and innovative ecosystem aiming to ensure safety and trust in product certification. By combining NFC and NFT technologies, it aspires to create an authentic and verifiable story for each product protected by blockchain.

Currently, Kalichain is working towards an ambitious goal: achieving over 1.8 million wallet installations and more than 1,200 partnerships.

This demonstrates the potential impact of Kalichain in the market. With a well-defined strategy, the company aims to realize significant market volume and create a considerable number of assets, thus illustrating its success and influence in the product certification domain.

KALICERTIF is live and ready for anyone interested in checking it out. The project's official website and Kalichain's social media pages (as linked below) provide more information on its features and benefits.

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