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Your Job Sucks. Here Are 10 Reasons to Love It Anyway

Lindsay Olson

If you're getting down in the dumps about your job, looking at the silver lining may help you gain a bit of perspective on your current employment situation. Even if you work for a slave-driving boss, make next to nothing, or are buried under a pile of work, there are things to be grateful for.

1. You have a job. Period. As we've seen over the past few years, employment is something to appreciate. With unemployment rates wavering and employers laying off people, you've got to admit that having a job--however bad it is--is something you should be grateful for.

2. You're preparing for your next promotion. The more work they throw at you, the better. After all, it's helping to beef up your resume. With every new skill you learn, you're becoming more hireable for a promotion within your company or elsewhere.

3. You have insurance. You can make an appointment for the doctor when you need to go. If you weren't working or were self-employed, your medical bills would be a lot higher. So go get your eyes checked and purchase some new glasses. Because you can.

4. You're learning the art of patience. You can't unleash your frustrations on your boss and co-workers like you want, so instead you can practice patience. Take deep breaths. Think happy thoughts. And think to yourself: "If I can survive this, I can survive anything." That's a great life skill to take with you anywhere.

5. You love your co-workers (maybe). If your boss is the issue, you've likely bonded with the other people you work with. And you have to admit: You'd miss them all if you left. So enjoy the workplace camaraderie, and use it to make the day at the office a little lighter.

6. You love what you do. Even if you hate your boss or work 60 hours a week, if you enjoy the work you do, remember why you do what you do. The work you do is important, and it's why you decided on this career in the first place. When the time is right, you can look for another role in the same industry down the road, but for now, just try to get enjoyment out of what you're doing.

7. The break room coffee is amazing. Or the snacks. Or the casual Fridays. Whatever the perk, focus on it. If that gourmet cup of coffee is your only solace all day, drink it up.

8. What you do isn't who you are. Don't let your job define you. It's simply what you get paid to do for the bulk of the day. It doesn't have to be YOU. Find activities outside the office to balance the stress you're feeling at work.

9. You're saving money. No matter how much of your soul you're giving the office, it's helping pay your mortgage and save for that European vacation. And that vacation will be a necessity after working in a place you can't stand.

10. You can leave. As much as you complain about your job, you know that if you wanted to leave, you could. It would take some work to find a new role, but you absolutely could do it. Knowing that makes it a little easier to get through your day.

Some of these are lighthearted and silly, but find whatever motivation you can to take some of the dread you experience about going to work each day, even if it's just that delicious cup of coffee.

Lindsay Olson is a founding partner and public relations recruiter with Paradigm Staffing and, a niche job board for public relations, communications, and social media jobs. She blogs at, where she discusses recruiting and job search issues.

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