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Japanese Travel Sharing Service Meetrip Releases 12 Android Apps


Creating unique travel experiences with Meetrip will now be a little easier, thanks to the release of 12 new Android apps. The apps were released today in cities across Asia, in the countries of Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan.

Meetrip is a travel sharing service that matches up travelers and local guides. It launched this year on September 18 in Tokyo and Taipei, and shortly after that it expanded to 10 more cities. The concept of bringing a unique travel experience to every traveler has been well-received, and in less than three months, more than 1,000 activities have been registered on Meetrip.

Meetrip is a C2C market place for travel, matching sellers (local guides) and buyers (travelers). This expansion to 10 more Asian cities in November was intended to attract sellers and apparently the startup succeeded in that goal as it was able to bring in more than 1,000 new sellers.

What’s the strategy behind releasing 12 Android apps at once? There is a distinct user behavior among travelers to search for apps before traveling by using the name of a city such as “Bangkok travel.” Such travelers tend to be tech savvy and have a prefererence for experiencing local culture — and this is exactly Meetrip’s target user.

Meetrip is a product by Duckdive, a company located in Tokyo. Its next move is to release an iPhone app.

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