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iPhone 14 and 14 Pro: Everything we know about Apple’s new phone

·4-min read
iPhone 14 and 14 Pro: Everything we know about Apple’s new phone

The release of the iPhone 14 is just weeks away – but leaks have already indicated much of what might be due to arrive.

The new handset is set to get some considerable new features, improvements, as well as the removal of some well-known design elements, according to early reports.

Apple is set to release the phone in September, alongside a host of other products. But here’s everything we know about the iPhone 14 – including when that big Apple event might be.

Outside design

Apple could give the external design of the iPhone a more considerable refresh than it has done in years. While the iPhone 14 will retain the flat sides and curved rectangular shape that it has at the moment, it could lose other features too.

Numerous reports suggest that Apple has finally got rid of the notch that is cut out of the top of the display in the new devices. Instead, all of the components that are hidden in there – the facial recognition sensor and the front-facing camera – could be stuck into a small cutout in the top of the screen, allowing the display to go all the way up.

That redesign could be kept just to the Pro models. The normal iPhones could just have the same notch as the iPhone 13, rumours have suggested.

Otherwise the design is expected to stay largely the same. There may be some tweaks – such as the repositioning of the camera lenses – but the same rough design will stay.

Inside specs

On the inside, the phones could change less than usual. Some new features are coming – but some might not.

For instance, only the Pro models are due to get the new A16 chip, according to one rumour, with the non-Pro models staying on the iPhone 13’s A15. And the A16 might only be a limited improvement over its predecessor, anyway.

But Apple might make up for that with improvements to the camera system. The Pro models could get a hugely upgraded wide camera, which would allow for both bigger pictures and better pictures in the dark.

The front lens could also get an upgrade, according to some rumours.


Maybe the biggest for the iPhone 14 could be an always-on display. That has been suggested not only by multiple rumours, but also by the upcoming iOS 16 release, which appears to include design features intended to make the most of that display, by showing important updates.


The sizes are also expect to change this year. The Mini is thought to be getting killed off – it has, according to reports, never sold anywhere near as well as its bigger siblings – and instead Apple will offer the phones in just two sizes.

Those sizes are likely to be the same as the Pro models are already: a 6.1-inch normal phone and a 6.7-inch Max one. So that will be four phones, in two sizes.

Release date

Guessing the release date is the easiest part of iPhone forecasting: it follows a dependable schedule, so you can almost predict it years in advance. Any departures could cause major problems for Apple, which tends to mean that if it isn’t following the usual plan, it will leak out.

The phone is usually revealed in the second week of September and then actually released a week and a half later, on a Friday.

While that has changed somewhat in recent years – since the pandemic, Apple’s usually regular release schedule has become a little less regular – it will likely be on a similar schedule, if not the exact same.

The launch event will probably be an entirely or mostly online affair, as it has been since the pandemic. Apple has already been reported to have started recording that introduction.


In terms of predictions, pricing is the exact opposite: nothing has to be set in advance, so in theory Apple can change it around right up until the day the new phones are announced. While it probably won’t be quite so last minute, any predictions should certainly be viewed with some scepticism.

Everything is getting more expensive in recent months – and that includes electronic devices. Apple tends to resist increasing its prices too much, though, and so the iPhone 14 will probably be slightly but not substantially expensive than the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 starts at £679 for the Mini with the smallest amount of storage, and goes all the way up to £1,549 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB.

But the complicating factor this year could be that the sizes will be swapped around, as above. That will mean there won’t be a Mini, and will also mean that there will be a new class of device in the non-Pro iPhone, meaning that both are hard to predict.