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iOS 10 - 10.2 compatible jailbreak tweaks on Cydia revealed

Vinod Yalburgi
iOS 10 - 10.2 compatible jailbreak tweaks and apps revealed

iOS 10 - 10.2 compatible jailbreak tweaks and apps revealed

The jailbreak community is in for some great news as the Italian hacker and veteran jailbreak developer, Luca Todesco, has just released the first fully-working iOS 10 – 10.2 compatible jailbreak for a handful of 64-bit iPhone and iPad models including iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and iPad Pro. In other words, iOS jailbreak fans can now enjoy a new bunch of Cydia tweaks and jailbreak apps on their device running the latest version of Yalu semi-tethered jailbreak aka Yalu102.

The biggest question bothering the jailbreak community concerns the list of fully-working as well as partly supported Cydia tweaks and apps, following the installation of latest Yalu102 jailbreak. The new jailbreak also adds support for Cydia Substrate aka MobileSubstrate, which enables several apps and packages to be forward compatible from iOS 10.1.1 to iOS 10.2 without the need for installing newer app updates.

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As this is an alpha jailbreak, it may harbour a few untested bugs or compatibility issues with certain Cydia apps and tweaks. To help jailbreakers in their quest to find all the compatible tweaks with iOS 10 – 10.2 jailbroken devices, the veterans of jailbreak community have shared the ultimate list of fully compatible and partially compatible jailbreak tweaks.

Check out the complete list below and if you want further updates regarding all new packages being added to the compatibility list, you must head over to the shared Google Docs page:

Substrate Safe Mode Partial
PreferenceLoader Yes
OpenSSH (change password here) Yes
Cydia Installer ( Yes
1Pal Safe Mode
20 Second Lockscreen No
3D Switcher Yes
3D Touch to Clear Notifications Yes
3DAppLock Partial
3DNoLag Mixed Results
Acapella No
Action Menu Yes
Activator Yes
AdvancedSettings8 Yes
Aeternum No
Aeuria LS No
Ah! Ah! Ah! Partial
Alkaline Yes
AltKeyboard2 Unknown
Always Forward WatchOS Partial
AlwaysFirstSwipe Yes
Alympus Unknown
Anchor No
Andrios Safe Mode
AndroidLock XT No
Anemone Yes
AntRec - HD screen recorder Partial
Apex 2 (iOS 7,8,9) No
Aporeo Mixed Results
App Admin Yes
AppDrawer Partial
Appendix Safe Mode
AppInfo Yes
Apple File Conduit "2" Partial
AppList Yes
AppSync Unified Reboot Loop
AquaBoard (iOS 9/8) Yes
Aria No
Ariki Safe Mode
Asphaleia 2 Unknown
Attachments+ for Mail No
AudioRecorder2 (iOS 8 & 9) No
Auris Unknown
AutoBrightness Yes
AutoMuter Safe Mode
AutoTouch Unknown
Auxo 3 Safe Mode
Auxo Legacy No
Banner Sounds No
Barrel Yes
Bars Yes
BatteryLife Yes
betterFiveColumnHomescreen Yes
betterFiveIconDock Yes
BetterWifi7 No
BioLockdown No
BioProtect Safe Mode
Bloard Yes
Blur Remover Partial
BlurryBadges Yes
BlurryLaunch Yes
Bolt Unknown
Boxy 2 No
Bragi Deux Unknown
BT Mouse&Trackpad Partial
BundleIDs No
BytaFont (Swap Mode) Partial
BytaFont (Tweak Mode) Partial
CacheClearer Yes
Callbar No
CallRecorder No
CameraTweak 3 No
CarPlay iOS Unknown
carrot Safe Mode
Cask Yes
CC Deseparator No
CCBackground No
CCClockOpenToAlarm No
CCColor Mixed Results
CCControls No
CCHide No
CClean No
CCLiveBrightness No
CCLoader No
CCLowPower Yes
CCMeters No
CCNowPlaying No
CCPinfo for Control Center No
CCQuick Pro for iOS 9 No
CCSettings for iOS 8/9 No
CCSliders No
CCSwipe No
CCToggles No
CellularUsageOrder Yes
Chroma Partial
Circa Yes
CircleIcons Yes
Cistem Aperio No
ClassicDock Yes
ClassicFolders Safe Mode
ClassicSwitcher Unknown
Cloaky Unknown
CocoaTop No
ColorBadges Yes
ColorBanners No
ColorFlow 2 No
ConditionalWiFi No
Confero Unknown
Controllers For All Unknown
Couria (iOS 8 & 9) Unknown
CrashReporter Mixed Results
Cream 2 Yes
Creamless Yes
CSources2 Unknown
CustomCover No
CustomLS2 Unknown
CustomNotificationSound Safe Mode
Cuttlefish Yes
CyDelete8 Yes
Cydget Unknown
Cylinder Yes
DataMeter No
Date in Statusbar Yes
DathBanners 2 Unknown
DefaultPlayer Pro Unknown
DeleteForever Yes
DetailedBatteryUsage Yes
DisableVoiceControl 8 Yes
Disclose Yes
Disk Pie Yes
DismissProgress Yes
Dissident No
Docker Yes
DockShift Yes
Don't Kill The Beat No
DoubleCut Yes
DylibSearch Yes
Eclipse 4 Yes
Edge Yes
Edit Alarms Yes
Emoji10 Yes
EmojiAttributes Yes
EnableLivePhotos Unknown
EqualizerEverywhere Partial
exKey Yes
f.lux Yes
FBMChatsHeads Unknown
Filza File Manager Yes
Fingal Partial
FiveIconDock Partial
Flame Partial
Flex 3 Partial
FLEXible Unknown
FlipControlCenter Yes
FolderEnhancer No
ForceGoodFit No
ForceInPicture Yes
Forcy Safe Mode
Fortune Unknown
FrontCamUnMirror Yes
FullFolder9 Unknown
FullForce Unknown
Fuse Unknown
Gauss 2 No
Ghosty Yes
GIFViewer Yes
GlowDock Yes
Grabby Unknown
GridSwitcher No
GroovyLock No
HandyKey Unknown
HapticFeedBack Yes
Harbor Safe Mode
Hide Labels No
HideLabels10 Yes
HideMeX No
HideSettingsSearch Yes
HomescreenDesigner No
HotDog Safe Mode
HUD Customizer Partial
HUDSpeed Unknown
iBlank Safe Mode
ICaughtU No
iCaughtU Pro No
iCleaner Pro Yes
Icon Finder Unknown
Icon Renamer Yes
Iconoclasm Unknown
IconSupport (modified version) Yes
iFile Yes
iKeywi 3 No
ImageBoard Yes
Index Unknown
InfiniBoard No
InfiniDock No
InfiniFolders No
InfoStats Mixed Results
InstaCode Unknown
InstaLauncher No
InstantTouchID No
IntelliScreenX Unknown
Interactive Message Notifications Unknown
iOS Terminal Yes
ioSpq Unknown
IPA Installer No
iTransmission 4 Yes
iWidgets Unknown
iWidgets Yes
JellyLock Unified Unknown
KillBackground9 No
Kodi No
LastApp No
Leash Unknown
LegacySwitcher No
libcolorpicker Yes
libstatusbar Yes
Lithium Ion Yes
LittleBrother No
Live Photos Enabler Unknown
LiveWallpaper Unknown
LocationFaker9 Yes
Lock Screen Tool Unknown
Lockdown Pro iOS 8+ Unknown
LockGlyph No
LockHTML4 Yes
LockInfo8 Safe Mode
LockKeyboard Unknown
LockLight Unknown
Locus Unknown
Mail Labeler No
Messages Customizer Safe Mode
Mikoto Yes
Minimal Hosts Blocker Yes
MinimalisticUI Yes
Möbius / Mobius No
Moveable9 Yes
MTerminal Yes
MultiIconMover No
MultiiconMover + No
MyWi No
NCMeters No
NCSingleTapClear Unknown
NetworkList Yes
NightMode9 No
NoBlur Yes
NoCarrier Yes
NoEditMenuDelay Unknown
NoIconLabels No
NoKeyPop Yes
NoLabels Unknown
NoLiveClock Yes
NoMotion Yes
NoPageDots7 Yes
NoRespringChirp No
NoSafariTopBlur No
NoSlowAnimations Yes
NoSpot No
NoSub Unknown
NoTabBarText Unknown
Notate Yes
NoTodayView (iOS 10) Yes
NoTrackpadDelay Yes
NoVoiceMail Yes
NtSpeed Yes
NudeKeys Yes
OneHandWizard No
OpenNotifier9 No
OpenOnSearch Unknown
OpenOther for iOS 8 Unknown
Palert No
PC Networking No
Photo Organizer 8 Unknown
PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 9 and iPhone/iPod Unknown
PhotoSize Yes
PhotosLive Unknown
PkgBackup Unknown
PM, really? Yes
Polus No
Power Tap No
PreferenceOrganizer 2 No
Priority Hub No
Protean Safe Mode
ProtectMyPrivacy Unknown
Proton No
Pull To Dismiss Unknown
QuickShuffleRepeat Yes
RePower Safe Mode
Resero No
RespringProgress Safe Mode
RevealNC Mixed Results
RocketBootstrap Yes
RoundDock Yes
Roundification No
RoundScreenCorners No
RoundScreenCorners Yes
Safari Downloader+ No
Safari Full URL Yes
SafariFullScreenScrolling Yes
SafariTabCount No
SameStatus No
SBHTML Unknown
Sectional Unknown
Seng Unknown
Sentinel Yes
Shy Page Dots Yes
Silver Unknown
SimpleCenters No
SimpleNC No
SimplePasscodeButtons Partial
SimplerPhotos Unknown
SkipLock No
Skippy Unknown
Skrollerz Yes
Sleek'n'Bouncy Yes
SleekKey Unknown
Slices No
SmartClose No
SmoothCursor Yes
SmoothPop Yes
snapper2 Mixed Results
Snoverlay Yes
Sonus Mixed Results
Speak Notification No
Speed Intensifier No
SpeedyHomey No
Splitify Yes
Springtomize 3 No
StatusModifier Yes
StatusVol 2 Safe Mode
Substrate Fix Yes
SubtleLock Unknown
Superslam Unknown
SwipeForMore Yes
SwipeSelection Yes
SwipeSelection Pro Yes
SwitcherTweak Pro Yes
SwitchSpring Unknown
Tabless No
Tactful Yes
Tage Yes
TagExplorer Unknown
TapTapFlip Yes
TetherMe for iOS 9 & 8 Yes
TetherStatus Partial
TinyBar Safe Mode
TinyPlayer Pro Yes
Touchr Yes
TransparentDock Yes
TransparentFolders Yes
tsProtector No
Tweak Count 2 Yes
TypeStatus 2 (iOS 7 - 9) No
UIColors No
UnBold Yes
Unicode Faces Yes
Upscale Yes
Veency Unknown
Vertex Safe Mode
VideoPane Safe Mode
VirtualHome 8 n 9 No
VolumeBanner Mixed Results
Wallmart Yes
WatchNotifications No
Waveflow No
WeatherBadge Unknown
WeatherBoard No
wGet Yes
WGradRemover Yes
WhiteTerminal Yes
Whoozit Yes
Whoozit Pro Yes
WiCarrier Yes
WiFi - The Strongest Link Yes
WiFi Booster Yes
WiJoin Yes
WinterBoard Yes
xCon Yes
XPasscode Yes
Zeppelin Mixed Results
ZW1T Yes
ZW1T Lite Partial
AlertClose Yes
MultiAction Yes
vWallpaper 2 for iOS 9 Partial
Memento Yes
StatusvolX Yes
PalBreak Yes
CleanSheets 2 Yes
Dim Yes
SwipeExpander Yes
KuaiDial (iOS 7/8/9) Yes

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