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International visitor arrivals up 8%

Source: Singapore Tourism Board

Guess which country was Singapore’s top visitor.

The Singapore Tourism Board reported:

3.5 million International Visitor Arrivals (IVA) were recorded for Q2 2012, posting an 8% growth over the same quarter last year. January to June 2012 IVA stood at close to 7.1 million, representing an 11% year-on-year growth.

Indonesia (1,366,000), P R China (978,000), Malaysia (589,000), India (478,000), and Australia (477,000) were Singapore's top five international visitor-generating markets for January to June 2012. These markets accounted for 55% of total IVA for the quarter.

P R China (+29%) and Japan (+21%) registered two of the strongest growths among the top 15 markets for the year to-date, sustained by strong performance by the leisure segment. Japan also saw an increase in business traffic during January to June 2012.

Conversely, Hong Kong (-3%), Thailand (-2%) and the Philippines (-1%) recorded marginal declines for January-June 2012. While visitors diverted their travel to Singapore post-Tohoku earthquake in Q2 2011, visitor arrivals from Hong Kong saw a drop of 9% in Q2 2012 as travel to Japan resumed.

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