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InMobi Launches New Ad Tracker


Mobile advertising network InMobi has launched its new mobile tracking platform, which it says will enable advertisers to measure conversions in mobile web and app campaigns.

The company’s VP of products, Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, noted that in the business of analytics solutions, its not quite so important to be the ‘first mover,’ but rather it’s best to ensure that an accurate and scalable solution be delivered to meet customer needs. This is what InMobi hopes it has done with Ad Tracker:

[It] uses browser cookies to track conversions across apps and the mobile web as the primary conversion tracking technology. It also combines ODIN1 and market referrer tracking technologies for app download campaigns. By using multiple tracking technologies, it is able to produce the highest level of accuracy and scale that is possible through mobile devices.

In its announcement, the company notes that Ad Tracker does not rely on UDID [1], going to for more forward looking strategy free from any worry of UDID depreciation. It’s new solution is cloud-based, entirely separate from the InMobi ad network, and “completely free to integrate and use.” Users can define goals like downloads, registrations, or payments in a real time dashboard view. There is SDK integration for iOS and Android apps, as well as javascript integration for mobile web.

Leading up to this release, InMobi had issued a number of reports last week containing data and insights about the mobile web in various Asian regions. It’s good to see the company add more tools to its repertoire, especially ones that are more open and accessible for others to use like this latest one.

  1. UDID stands for Unique Device Identifier, which is a 40-character hex value unique to each device.  ↩

Note: This article was updated to remove "Singapore-based" from the title. Inmobi is based in India.