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India’s Zapak Records 100 Million Game Downloads on Nokia Store

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India-based mobile gaming developer and publisher Zapak Mobile Games made an announcement a couple of days ago that it has now passed the 100 million user download mark from all of its game titles on the Nokia Store. How many of Zapak’s game titles so far on Nokia? Over 350. The company notes its huge increase from 50,000 download mark passed just 14 months ago.

Currently ranked first on India’s Nokia Store, Zapak discloses that its most popular game is T20 Cricket 2012 with 7.76 million downloads, with Border War Face Off at second place with 5.83 million downloads. Nokia India representative Gerard Wego believes that Indians love games. With over 80 million downloads occurring on the Nokia India Store every month, one of its most popular categories is gaming.

Besides having its games on the Nokia Store, Zapak also showcases its games on its mobile site. A Reliance Entertainment Digital (the parent company of Zapak) representative told us that the mobile site has roughly three million unique visitors every month. The team will focus on creating local content that can be connected with its Indian audiences.

When it comes to mobile games, Reliance Entertainment Digital is eyeing a bigger market than just India. The company has made its presence felt in Canada, the US, as well as Korea and Japan. Its international gaming division Reliance Games - which primarily builds smartphone games - has announced its full acquisition of the mobile gaming division of Funnel Japan and the majority acquisition of Korean gaming studio Bluesom a month ago.

The big picture, the representative said, is to cater to the first generation of mobile device users in India while strengthening the company’s footprints in the international market.

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