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Hiring in 4 out of 7 industry sectors weakens

Find out which sectors are still hiring.

According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, employers in all seven industry sectors expect to increase staffing levels in Quarter 1 2013. The most optimistic hiring intentions are reported in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector, where the Net Employment Outlook stands at +22%.

Active labor markets are also forecast in both the Mining & Construction sector and the Public Administration & Education sector, with Outlooks of +21%. Positive hiring climates are expected in the Transportation & Utilities sector and the Manufacturing sector, with Outlooks of +15% and +13%, respectively, as well as the Wholesale Trade & Retail Trade sector, where the Outlook is +12%.

Quarter-over-quarter, hiring prospects weaken in four of the seven industry sectors, most notably by 10 percentage points in the Public Administration & Education sector. An Outlook decline of 7 percentage points is reported in the Services sector and the Wholesale Trade & Retail Trade sector Outlook decreases by 3 percentage points.

Meanwhile, hiring plans improve in three sectors, including the Transportation & Utilities sector, with a 5 percentage point increase, and the Mining & Construction sector where the Outlook is 4 percentage points stronger.

Year-over-year, employers report weaker Outlooks in five of the seven industry sectors. Services sector employers report a sharp decline of 21 percentage points, and Outlooks decrease by 7 and 5 percentage points in the Manufacturing sector and the Public Administration & Education sector, respectively.

Elsewhere, hiring intentions strengthen by 7 percentage points in the Wholesale Trade & Retail Trade sector and improve by 6 percentage points in the Mining & Construction sector. 

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