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HDB Season Parking in Singapore: Guide to Applying, Renewal and Transfer for HDB Parking (2022)

·11-min read
HDB Season Parking in Singapore: Guide to Applying, Renewal and Transfer for HDB Parking (2022)
HDB Season Parking in Singapore: Guide to Applying, Renewal and Transfer for HDB Parking (2022)

HDB parking is one of the cheapest ways you can cut down on car park costs in Singapore. We know buying a car in Singapore is one of the most expensive purchases you can make. On top of that, thousands of dollars go towards car maintenance, petrol, insurance, and other car-related expenses.

If you live in an HDB flat or want to park in an HDB estate near your workplace, then you will probably need to apply for an HDB season parking pass. Whether you’re looking for information on HDB season parking applications, or how to renew or transfer your HDB season parking, this article has got you covered.

In this article, we will be focusing on the regular HDB Season Parking that HDB offers.

HDB Parking: Season Parking Application, Transfer, and Renewal Overview

What is HDB season parking 

A monthly subscription that allows you to park your vehicle(s) at HDB car parks

How to apply 

Using Singpass via Application for New HDB e-service Season Parking or Mobile@HDB app

Payment methods 

Credit or debit card only. Renew via GIRO for a 2% rebate.

Booking dates

From the 1st (first priority), 18th (second priority) and 21st (third priority) of every month


From $80 for motor vehicles and from $15 for motorcycles

How to renew  

Via GIRO scheme, recurring credit card payment, Renewal of Season Parking e-Service, Mobile@HDB app and/or AXS machines

How to transfer 

Apply for permanent or temporary transfer through the HDB e-service or Mobile@HDB app

How to cancel

Apply for Termination of Season Parking via the HDB e-Service or Mobile@HDB app

What is HDB Season Parking?

With a valid subscription, you can park your car or motorcycle within a certain HDB car park group at any time. Plus, you no longer have to display parking coupons when you have a season pass.

You’re also eligible to apply even if you don’t live in an HDB flat, provided that the car park you’re applying for is close to where to live or work.

For example, if your workplace is near an HDB estate, but you don’t want to fork out a fortune for your office car park, you can apply for HDB season parking at a nearby HDB parking lot. But do note many drivers probably have the same idea, so be prepared to face stiff competition!

HDB Season Parking Payment Methods

Like everything else in life these days, you can apply for your HDB season parking online. There are two ways you can do this, via HDB’s e-Service, or through HDB’s mobile app.

  1. HDB e-Service: You can submit your season parking application via HDB’s e-Service. You’ll need to log in using your SingPass and follow the instructions given on the portal.

  2. HDB mobile app: Alternatively, you can download the Mobile@HDB App from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) to submit your application.

HDB Season Parking Payment Methods

Whichever method you choose, you’ll need to pay for your season parking either by credit card or direct debit:

  • Credit card: Only Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

  • Direct debit: DBS, UOB, OCBC, Citibank, and Standard Chartered.

Before applying, be sure to run a search for available lots near you using the HDB Season Parking Information portal.

Some HDB parking areas are more popular than others and are prioritised for specific groups of people (e.g. residents or tenants with their first car).

If you’re thinking of applying for one of these HDB parking lots, you will need to submit the following documents for verification:

Documents to bring for HDB season parking application

Applicable if

Business Registration Certificate

You are a registered shop tenant of an HDB commercial/industrial premise

Letter from your company

You drive a company-registered vehicle home OR a company car home and are an employee of a car rental company

Letter from a taxi organisation

You drive a taxi home

HDB Season Parking: How are HDB Parking Lots Allocated? 

As mentioned, parking slots and allocation are prioritised for residents or tenants with one vehicle, as well as those who work around the vicinity.

Slots are also allocated based on a first-come, first-served basis every month, so in order to boost your chances of securing a slot, you should apply as soon as the booking period opens.

There are two types of HDB season parking: high occupancy car parks and low occupancy car parks.

If you’re applying for HDB car parks with low demand, you can start booking from the first month onwards. But if you’ve applied for a popular car park, you can only start booking on your assigned date. This will be based on the priority group that you’re in.

As the HDB car parks are meant for HDB residents, you’ll be one of the first people to book a lot every month if you’re a resident.

HDB Season Parking Priority and Booking Dates

Priority group

Who’s eligible?

Booking date

First priority

First vehicle owned by HDB flat owners, tenants, authorised occupiers, approved sub-tenants of whole flats, commercial tenants, and HDB’s shops/offices employees

From the 1st of every month

Second priority

Second and subsequent vehicles owned by flat owners/ tenants/ authorised occupiers/ registered shop tenants

From the 18th of every month

Third priority

Residents who do not own the vehicle, sub-tenants of flats, non-residents

From the 21st of every month

First Priority

First priority booking date starts from the 1st of the month

Who is eligible for first priority booking?

  • First vehicle owned by

    • HDB flat owners, tenants, authorised occupiers and approved sub-tenants of whole flats

    • Registered tenants of HDB commercial and industrial premises

    • Market and hawker stallholders

    • Employees of HDB’s shops/offices, or first company-registered vehicle of HDB flat owners, tenants, and authorised occupiers

Second Priority

Second priority booking date starts from the 18th of the month

Who is eligible second priority booking?

  • Second and subsequent vehicles owned by flat owners/ tenants/ authorised occupiers/ registered shop tenants

Third Priority

Third priority booking date starts from the 21st of the month.

Who is eligible for third priority booking?

  • Residents who do not own the vehicle

  • Sub-tenants of rooms of flat, and/or non-residents

In essence, these arrangements are in place to help prioritise season parking allocation for HDB residents. After all, no one wants to come home after a long, hard day at work and have to struggle to find a place to park.

HDB Parking Rates for Season Parking Holders (Accurate as of May 2022)

Here’s a table of the monthly HDB parking rates, which are based on the type of vehicle and location of the car park:

Location/type of car park

Tier 1 cars

Tier 2 cars

Commercial Vehicles


Restricted zone (surface/kerbside)





Restricted zone (sheltered)





Designated area (surface/kerbside)





Designated area (sheltered)





Rest of island (surface/kerbside)





Rest of island (sheltered)





Special precinct



Industrial park (multi-storey car park)





Industrial park (night parking)

Centralised lorry park





Tier 1 HDB parking rates apply to the first car of an HDB resident’s household. The resident must either be the registered flat owner, occupier, or tenant living in the HDB precinct served by the car park.

Tier 2 HDB parking rates apply to the subsequent cars of HDB residents, and all cars of non-residents.

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What is Family Season Parking (FSP)?

Family Season Parking (FSP) allows you to park at season parking car park lots near your family member’s HDB home. FSP costs half the price of ‘normal’ season parking charges:

Type of HDB car park 

Passenger Car


Commercial Vehicle





Sheltered (e.g. multi-storey car park)




Special precinct 




According to HDB, you must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible to apply for FSP:

  • You must be the owner, authorised occupier, approved subtenants of an HDB flat/ room, or an owner/ tenant of an HDB shop with living quarters

  • You must have valid HDB season parking for your HDB flat/shop with living quarters

  • You must be able to prove your relationship with your family member (i.e. parents/children/ siblings/grandparents/in-laws)

  • You must be able to prove that your family member is living in the HDB flat/shop

You may apply online through the HDB e-service season parking or Mobile@HDB app, or physically at the HDB branch office.

HDB Season Parking Renewal

1. Automatic renewal

You can renew your HDB season parking by the following methods:

These methods let you automatically pay your fees every month, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to renew your season parking. Plus, if you renew it with the GIRO scheme, you’ll receive a 2% rebate for every successful transaction.

2. Manual renewal

If you prefer to renew your season parking manually every month, you can do so by one of the 3 methods below:

The payment method for the renewal via the e-Service and mobile app is the same as the application. You can pay either by credit card or direct debit.

Do take note that you’ll be charged a full month’s rate. So if you renew your season parking later in the month, say on 15 June, you’ll have to pay the monthly rate even though you can only use it from 15 to 30 June.

HDB Season Parking Transfer

A multi storey HDB car park
You’ll need to pay more for an HDB season parking transfer if you’re upgrading from a surface car park to a multi-storey car park.

1. HDB Season Parking Transfer: Permanent Transfer

You can do a permanent transfer for HDB season parking when you’re changing:

  • Car park groups (e.g. you’re moving to a new house)

  • Vehicles (e.g. you bought a new car)

  • Vehicle type (e.g. you’re upgrading from a motorcycle to a car)

You can apply for the transfer via the Permanent Transfer of Season Parking (PTSP) service or the Mobile@HDB app.

If the vehicle is a company vehicle, you’ll also need to submit a letter of authorisation from the company. Additionally, you’ll have to pay for the transfer if you’re changing the type of vehicle or HDB car park.

2. HDB Season Parking Transfer: Temporary Transfer

On the other hand, you can apply for a temporary transfer of season parking, which is valid for a maximum of 31 days. This isn’t meant for long-term or frequent use of season parking.

A temporary transfer will be applicable if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You’re driving a temporary replacement vehicle while your vehicle is being serviced or repaired

  • You need to park your vehicle elsewhere temporarily (e.g. your house is being renovated, so you’re staying with another family member)

You can apply for a temporary transfer via the Temporary Transfer of Season Parking (TTSP) e-Service or the Mobile@HDB app. You may also be required to submit supporting documents.

If you need to make any changes to your current temporary season parking, you’ll have to cancel it first via the Cancellation of Temporary Transfer of Season Parking service. After that, you can re-apply through the e-Service with the changes.

You may be required to make a top-up if you are changing to a car park with a higher season parking rate (e.g. a surface car park to a multi-storey car park).

Note that if you’re changing to a car park with a lower rate or do not utilise the full temporary season parking subscription, there won’t be any refunds given.

HDB Season Parking Cancellation

Upgrading from an HDB flat to private property? Or want to go green by taking public transport? Then you probably won’t need season parking anymore.

Terminate your season parking via the Termination of Season Parking e-Service, or the Mobile@HDB app.

HDB will refund the unused portion to your bank account within 2 weeks, but you’ll have to request for it before your season parking is terminated.

The refund will be calculated from the day after the request was made. Let’s say you terminate the season parking on the first day of the month. The refund amount that you’ll get will be from the second day of the month to its expiry date.

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