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Guess which Singapore infrastructure moguls sneaked in top 500 list

Flickr photo by Keyler Oliveira

Actually, only 2 companies got in.

According to the Bentley Infrastructure 500, Temasek Holdings grabbed the 62nd place with USD55,301 million infrastructure value.

On the 312th rank is the Housing and Development Board with a net infrastructure value of USD16,553 million.

The Bentley Infrastructure 500 is a ranking of the top owners of infrastructure around the world from both the public and private sectors that is published annually. The rankings make it possible to readily compare investment levels across types of infrastructure, regions of the world, and public and private organizations.

It ranks owners according to their reported tangible fixed assets (or other comparable noncurrent physical assets such as buildings or fixed structures, land, and machinery). Included in the rankings are public- and private-sector entities with financials reported in the past three years (to allow flexibility in varying reporting schedules). The values presented are assessed net of depreciation and amortization and calculated to exclude, where data is available, assets not representative of infrastructure, such as equipment, furniture, and software.

Bentley Systems has compiled the Bentley Infrastructure 500 to help global constituents appreciate and explore the magnitude of investment in infrastructure and the potential to continually increase the return on that investment. The infrastructure value represented, which is over US$15 trillion, exceeds the U.S. GDP for 2011 and is close to the combined annual GDPs of China, Japan, and Germany. 

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