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Gojek to give grocery vouchers to drivers, extends commission rebates through 1 June

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(PHOTO: Gojek Singapore website)
(PHOTO: Gojek Singapore website)

SINGAPORE — Gojek plans to distribute more than $30,000 in grocery vouchers to its drivers and will extend commission rebates through 1 June to help them during the COVID-19 period.

Eligible drivers will each receive a $50 FairPrice online e-voucher to help them with their living expenses, the company said in a statement on Thursday (30 April).

“We understand that it’s been challenging for private-hire drivers, whose earnings have been affected by reduced demand. We will continue to find ways to look after our driver-partners and ensure they can support themselves and their families through this period,” said Lien Choong Luen, general manager of Gojek Singapore.

The grocery vouchers were purchased through contributions from the Gojek Partner Support Fund, which was established in March under the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation. The fund is backed by multiple sources, including donations from Gojek employees and corporate partners and a redirection of organisation-wide planned annual salary increases.

Last month, Gojek’s co-chief executive officers and senior managers pledged to funnel 25 per cent of their salaries over the next 12 months into the support fund.

Gojek will also extend its commission rebates scheme by another month through 1 June, in line with Singapore’s extended circuit breaker period, Lien said.

As part of the scheme, drivers will continue to receive service fee or commission rebates of between 60 per cent and 100 per cent, depending on their tier status in GoalBetter, Gojek’s driver benefits programme.

The company has also implemented the following measures to help drivers since the coronavirus outbreak:

• All drivers will receive a rebate of up to 100 per cent on service or commission fee for every trip they complete from April 10 to June 1, which will directly increase their take-home earnings.

• Eligible drivers can receive up to $140 weekly in earnings support, through the Special Relief Fund (SRF) set up by the government, operators and driver associations to directly defray private-hire drivers' expenses such as vehicle rental. As part of the SRF, Gojek contributes an additional payout of up to $10 per day per driver-partner, on top of the $10 per vehicle per day which the government provides.

• Drivers who rent their vehicles from Gojek’s fleet partners can receive rental waivers of up to 60 per cent till May 4.

• All drivers can enjoy discounts on takeaway meals at several food and beverage establishments, including Burger King, Typhoon Cafe, Eat at Taipei and Flaming Don.

• All drivers can soon enjoy additional earnings opportunities through providing third-party delivery services. Gojek is close to finalising arrangements with a number of e-commerce, food and grocery partners.

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