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General insurance industry issues identity cards to protect consumers

Rahimah Rashith
Agent Identity cards issues to all active agents at the begining of each year to protect consumers against scams. (Photo: General Insurance Association of Singapore)

Want to know if that car insurance agent you are talking to is a phony or not? Ask for his or her agent card.

From the start of this year, the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) has required agents of member companies to carry an “Agent Identity Card” to help customers easily identify authorised and registered agents.

“We aim to protect our customers by issuing these cards, so they can buy insurance products from licensed and qualified intermediaries who are in a better position and are better equipped to offer product advice,” said Stella Tan, GIA management committee member and chairperson of the Agents Registration Board

In a statement Tuesday, GIA said some 8,500 cards have been issued so far. The cards will be valid until 31 December 2013 unless revoked by the group, and active agents will be given a new card at the beginning of each year.

Customers can also check on whether an agent’s licence is valid through the search function on GIA’s website.

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