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Flor Americas Doubles Down on Cannabinoid Innovation via Partnership with Gene Pool Technologies

·3-min read

Targeting the Global Cannabis Supply Chain, Uruguay-Based Cannabinoid Supplier Partners with Extraction IP Leaders on Strategic Patent Portfolio

Flor Americas, a vertically integrated manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids for global markets, is partnering with Gene Pool Technologies, a leader in cannabis extraction methodologies and intellectual property (IP) rights, to develop and monetize a strategic patent portfolio and gain access to cutting-edge extraction IP—a move that signals Flor Americas’ commitment to creating a culture of innovation and securing IP rights as a critical component of its long-term growth strategy.

The partnership facilitates Flor Americas’ development of proprietary cannabinoid formulations and manufacturing systems for the production of cannabis-derived pharmaceutical ingredients and private-label finished goods for international export. Flor Americas will work with Gene Pool Technologies to formalize its IP processes with best practices borrowed from global leaders, and to build a robust portfolio of patents to showcase and protect the company’s innovations moving forward. With Gene Pool Technologies’ support, Flor Americas has already filed its first international patent application for a novel cannabidiol (CBD) formulation designed to treat osteoarthritis in animals.

Additionally, Flor Americas will receive licensing rights to Gene Pool Technologies’ existing industry-leading U.S. patent portfolio that initiates upon U.S. legalization of imports. This agreement will provide Flor Americas with an immediate competitive advantage against other companies looking to eventually import products into the U.S.

"As we build out Flor Americas’ Uruguay cannabis operations and ramp up cannabinoid extraction for the global supply chain, we’re eager to continue driving scientific discovery and advancing our manufacturing systems," said Roy McFarland, Flor Americas CEO and Co-Founder. "Partnering with Gene Pool Technologies ensures our access to the most advanced extraction methodologies while we develop our own IP for cannabinoid manufacturing and product development."

In return, Gene Pool Technologies will gain access to Flor Americas’ technology and IP assets, enabling split-revenue licensing opportunities. This will help Gene Pool Technologies further enhance its position as a global leader in cannabis R&D and IP development and provide access to the rapidly growing South American cannabis market.

"At Gene Pool Technologies, we foster mutually beneficial relationships with future-forward companies such as Flor Americas to ensure their discoveries and IP portfolios can be monetized as the global cannabis market expands," said Steve Martin, CEO. "As Fortune 500 companies have taught us, the long-term winners in this industry will be companies like Flor Americas that are committed to innovation and developing IP from the get-go."

With limited cannabis production capabilities in Europe and elsewhere, the global cannabis industry is increasingly turning to exporters in South America for wholesale cannabis and cannabis derivatives such as cannabinoid distillates and isolates for use in medical applications and consumer packaged goods.

Developing patentable technologies to manufacture innovative cannabis products and new formulations to meet that growing international demand establishes a critical competitive advantage for Flor Americas and marks a clear path for sustainable growth.

About Flor Americas

Flor Americas brings together sustainable cultivation methodologies and science-based manufacturing to advance the global cannabis supply chain. As a vertically integrated cannabis processor based in Uruguay, the first country to legalize cannabis and establish a global export market, Flor Americas proudly sets a new standard for EU GMP-certified production of medical-grade cannabinoids and private-label products, providing supply-chain security worldwide. To learn more, visit

About Gene Pool Technologies

Gene Pool Technologies is a cannabis technology company that is an industry leader in the development, acquisition, and licensing of intellectual property. Gene Pool Technologies believes that the future of the cannabis industry depends on innovation and is committed to bringing market-based IP solutions from other industries to cannabis. To learn more, visit

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