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Fabio Gallerani talks about the right system to become a digital authority in your industry

·4-min read

The recent digitalization of the economy created the need for any kind of entrepreneur to establish their authority in the online space. Today we interview Fabio Gallerani, founder of Marketing Genius, the leading digital academy in Italy that teaches entrepreneurs high income digital skills. Together with his business partner Matteo Pittaluga, Fabio has trained over 30.000 students in the past four years and he is also the creator of “Sistema Authority”, a trademarked system that helps professionals position themselves online as authorities in their own industry.

Fabio, what is the most unsolved challenge at the moment in the process of digitalizing a business?

Great question, I believe that while most entrepreneurs are able to digitalize their activity and create some sort of digital presence online, most of the time they are not able to effectively digitalize their authority and reputation and transfer it online.

Most of them do not follow a specific procedure or system to effectively duplicate their success and reputation so they can be able to use it online in order to attract customers ready to pay for their services.

Can you give us an example?

Yes, sure.

Imagine for example a lawyer that was able to create an awesome reputation in his area in the past decade. Now, he is forced to create a digital presence to keep up with the rising competition in his sector and most likely he has to experience a great loss of customers due to competitors more capable of promoting themselves in the online space.

This lawyer, to solve this issue, creates a website and tries to establish an online presence to counterattack the competition. However, even if the website looks good and shows the services he does, unfortunately he is not able to acquire any customers and he is forced to see his most valuable customers leaving for the competition.

Why is that happening to someone with a great background and offline reputation?

It’s simple. He is “digital” now, meaning that he has a presence on the internet but his offline authority is not well represented online.

Sounds like a recurring issue. So how could it be solved?

I found the solution in 2018 by creating a trademarked system called Sistema Authority that is mainly focused on a topic called “Digital Brand Positioning” which I teach since then.

Digital Brand positioning is a rising topic in the digital space that focuses on the study of how to effectively transfer an offline brand into the online space. Instead of focusing on how to sell services online, the main focus of this discipline is answering a clear question:

“Who am I, what is that thing that I do better than others and how this can be positioned in the chaos of online offers made by my competitors?”

After answering this question, the entrepreneur then can proceed to a strategic creation of content and starts invading the online space creating “organized omnipresence” in every social platform. This allows him to show proof of his past work anywhere that potential leads may be looking for solutions to their problems.

What about digital marketing? Isn’t it more important?

Surely generating leads online for your business is an important part, but more important is that those leads know exactly who you are, what is your story and why to choose you and not others. Everyone can generate leads, however the greatest asset for someone that achieved success offline prior to this massive “forced” digitalization is sharing the story of their business, sharing with prospects why they do what they do and tell who they have impacted in the past with their products and services. I always say that digital marketing is the fuel of the engine, but it is not the engine. Who you are and what you stand for is the engine. As soon you are able to effectively digitalize your authority online this way, then you can create leads that know you, like you and want to pay YOU instead of a competitor.

What is your mission in the online world today?

My mission is to impact as many entrepreneurs as possible, help them develop digital skills so they can effectively transfer who they are from the offline into the competitive online world.

The reason why I do this is because I believe that entrepreneurs that achieved success offline must keep serving their customers expanding their reach using the new digital opportunities.

Success for me is when I see someone that is already an authority offline being able to go online, create content, acquire customers and impact their life. This is my mission.

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