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Eyeland is a Location Messaging App with 500,000 Users in Japan

Willis Wee

Eyeland ( is an app that allows users to leave their comments and messages at a specific location, where other users can then read read and follow nearby news. The app describes itself as one that helps users discover what’s happening surrounding them.

The concept isn’t new though. Apps like Feecha and Harpoen perform the same function. But each app has a very different user experience and design. So which one is better? In design, I would say Harpoen. But can anyone thrive on this location-based messaging concept? I can't really say that for sure. While it doesn’t really solve a major problem, it does have some usefulness to it, especially when you’re new to a place.

Don’t get me wrong, Eyeland doesn’t look awful. It uses Google maps which helps users to identify street names and places easily. In contrast, Harpoen uses a sexy radar thing which I thought was very slick. Eyeland is developed by Oceans Inc from Japan and has introduced an English app (iTunes link) for Singapore and Southeast Asia markets.

Back in Japan Eyeland has about half a million users, which is promising. Assuming more than half of its users are active, we should see some interesting content tagged to locations. The key is getting the masses to create meaningful user generated content. Our mobile phones have way too many messaging and location-based discovery apps already, in my opinion. The idea is cool, but it still needs to serve a real need to earn a place on my iPhone. Perhaps I’m turning into a dinosaur that only uses Google, Twitter, and Facebook for almost everything...

But I do encourage you to give Eyeland a try, and see if it works for you. Let me know what you think once you've tried it.