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Ex-Fave CEO Joel Neoh joins CircleDNA as managing director

In addition, Neoh will also take up the role of Chief Consumer Officer of Prenetics.

Ex-Fave CEO Joel Neoh, now the managing director of CircleDNA, posing while seated in a chair in a dark blue jacket.
Ex-Fave CEO Joel Neoh has been appointed the managing director of CircleDNA. (PHOTO: Prenetics)

SINGAPORE — Healthcare company Prenetics Global Limited has announced the appointment of former Fave CEO and founder Joel Neoh as its new Chief Consumer Officer as well as the new managing director of its consumer health business CircleDNA.

In a press release, Prenetics said that Neoh's appointment comes at a time of transformation for the company, as it seeks to significantly expand into "new verticals and introduce new personalised healthcare offerings to consumers within CircleDNA".

It added that the expansion will include local country partnerships to "incorporate a wide spectrum of services such as blood tests, telehealth services, personalised supplements and online to offline healthcare services".

The new products and services are scheduled to roll out over the next 12 months.

Neoh, who stepped down from his role at Fave in March 2023, previously said that he had plans to "take a pause" from entrepreneurship, although he did not specify any future roles or for how long he would be away.

"In all honesty, after my recent departure from Fave, I had planned an extended vacation and even organised travel plans through mid-2024. Yet, life often surprises us. Casual chats with Danny, a close friend of over 10 years, took an unexpected turn," said Neoh, referring to Danny Yeung, the CEO of Prenetics.

"The mission of Prenetics and CircleDNA, dedicated to providing an expansive healthcare ecosystem, thoroughly intrigued me. Realising the immense potential for us to positively affect people's lives, helping them to live healthier and happier, I made a conscious decision to shelve the vacation and join the cause," Neoh added.

In an update, Prenetics CEO Danny Yeung shared that the company's clinical genomics business has made "remarkable strides" as Prenetics became "the first Asia-based company to receive FDA clearance for a comprehensive Genomic Profiling Test."

"Given that this year is marked by transformation, rest assured that there are more groundbreaking developments on the horizon," said Yeung.

Founded in 2014 as a DNA testing laboratory, Prenetics Global currently offers services in genomics and precision oncology through the use of genomic and molecular technologies. The company was listed on the NASDAQ in 2022 and previously processed over 28 million PCR and at-home test kits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its consumer health business, CircleDNA, is known for offering DNA testing to consumers through the collection of their saliva samples in a test kit. Users will then receive the results of their saliva analysis through a mobile app, where they can access information about their genetic make-up and view over 500 reports across 20 categories covering disease risks, drug responses, family planning, diet, common health risks, personal traits and nutrition, among others.

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