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DroidJuice Maps and Shares Your Android Battery Life Stats

Steven Millward

We’ve seen India’s Ideophone make some useful and interesting stuff before, and now the startup has a fun new way for you to keep track of the battery life in your Android phone - or on other people’s phones. Called DroidJuice, it’s an app that can create a simple web-based graph (on your public profile) depicting how your battery is performing, and it will even let you monitor the battery levels of your friends who also use the DroidJuice app.

The app could be useful in quite a few scenarios, such as letting you know that a friend can’t chat because he’s low on battery, or keeping track of your Android-toting children and seeing if they have enough phone power to stay in touch. Possibly, it could even be used to monitor a loved one in a more creepy way, as the overly-attached girlfriend (pictured right) shows.

Ideophone co-founder Anenth Guru tells us that DroidJuice “was built by us during Droidcon India Hacknight last week” and is designed to “map the woes of Android battery life.” Anenth and Ideophone are fans of Android, but realise that the hardware ecosystem can be so diverse that it creates some devices that seem to struggle with battery life. That’ll build up a lot of data about battery consumption on Google’s mobile OS. Anenth adds:

We are also building a ranking of devices which have good battery life in real world scenarios. The aggregated data can be more meaningful only when more people start using the app.

Then, the startup could build up a picture of strong and weak points in terms of juice-age across the Android ecosystem. An update is planned that will automatically (if you opt in, I hope) fire off a tweet or Facebook post when you are low on juice. For now, there’s no plan to monetize the new app, but there could come a plan later, perhaps when a lot of interesting data has been gathered.

As for Ideophone itself, Anenth reveals that the team is working on a social travel platform called Trip Thirsty which will be launching in a few weeks’ time.

The free DroidJuice app is here in Google Play.