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What Driving Will Look Like in the Year 2028

Jason Gewirtz

New technology for cars drew big crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

A company called Foresight , which listed on the Nasdaq in the spring of 2017 has seen its shares jump and drop since going public. But in the last month the stock has seen a dramatic turn around, rising 35 percent in the month before the signature electronics show on the Vegas strip.

Israel based Foresight gave CNBC a test drive, to demonstrate what it's like behind the wheel.

The company separates itself with a unique technology using a system of "stereo cameras" to detect threats. "We're using technology mainly based on a combination of visible light and infrared vision in order to increase the visibility of drivers, beyond what human beings can see" said Foresight's Vice President of Business Development Doron Cohadier.

Cohadier previously worked at Israeli defense contractor Elbit before coming to the start-up, where he gained valuable experience working with complicated multi-system projects.

Foresight's technology uses two cameras that are in total synchronization "to mimic human depth perception" according to the company's website.

"The two sets of stereo cameras which require full fusion is very difficult, to achieve success the system has to have automatic collaboration" explained Cohadier.