Singapore Markets closed Launches, Fights With Panda

Willis Wee

Singapore’s second most popular deal site (according to Experian Hitwise), has today announced its launch of, a site where users can order their food and get it delivered to their doorsteps. This service has actually been running under but the Singaporean deal site has now decided to put this home delivery service as a standalone website.

So far, there are more than 50 merchants to choose from, including Sakae Sushi, Indian Express, and Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken. A home delivery site like this could turn out to be popular in Singapore. Before this, the poor Singaporeans could only choose between ordering pizzas and McDonald’s which kinda sucks. isn’t the only one, though. The folks at Rocket Internet recently launched a similar site, Foodpanda, across Southeast Asia. Plus, there are other sites like HungryDelivery and, making this space really competitive. As far as I’m aware, HungryDelivery,, and Foodpanda are the ones with the cash, experience, and network. But HungryDelivery looks dead to me with little traction, at least according to Alexa. So it’s between the panda and the man with the turban. May the best “dealivery” service win.