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Daily Briefing: Why investors prefer real estate crowdfunding over P2P lending; Are you part of the sandwich class?


And check out this hybrid smartwatch.

Crowdfunding has been on the rise especially in the Southeast Asian region where governments are starting to study how they can put the much needed legislative framework to regulate the platform. This is of course more concerned with equity-based platform where the transfer of funds is a little more complex than simply donating the money to a person in need. Read more here.

Heard of the term sandwich class? The ‘sandwich class’ is an informal term coined to describe those in Singapore who live comfortably (not poor) but are ineligible to purchase HDB housing, and unable to afford private housing as well. Find out more here

“We like to call this a ‘clever watch,’” says Isa Ghani. This startup’s newest creation does do typical smartwatch stuff – like count your steps and relay notifications from your phone – but he calls it that because the watch, the Boldr Voyage, doesn’t have a digital screen, instead rocking traditional tick-tock hands and a physical watch-face. Read more here


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