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Courts Asia shocks peers with 6 revolutionary store features

Photo from HSBC

The Megastore was relaunched last 1 December.

According to HSBC, Courts re-launched its Megastore in Tampines, Singapore, on 1 December with revolutionary new features designed to entice customers and boost sales.

Here's more from HSBC:

The revamp was backed by one-year research on best practices around the world.

The new features include: (1) Courts Connect, Singapore’s first in-store mobile retail concept offering mobile, broadband and TV services from the three major telecommunications providers – SingTel, M1 and StarHub – giving customers the opportunity to get the best deals in one spot;

(2) Digital Kiosks that showcase the latest discounts and product information, and the megastore layout;

(3) Augmented Reality 3D Sound Box with an interactive screen that superimposes customer’s choice of headsets in all colours, shapes and sizes onto their real-time image which can instantly be shared on Facebook with friends;

(4) Home Furnishing Solutions featuring new Space-saving Living Concepts;

(5) Courts Solution Bar modelled after Best Buy’s Geek Squad and Apple’s Genius Bar that will assist customers with data transfer, software installation and warranty choices and;

(6) Discount Tracker, an electronic display that shows how much customers have saved at the Megastore.

New Megastore to boost sales and act as a positive catalyst for a strong third quarter ending in December 2012. In our store visit on the first opening day, staff estimated that customer traffic increased by five times, with up to 30,000 visitors during the 36-hour marathon opening on 1-2 December.

Customers queued overnight to enjoy special discounts on merchandise supported by Courts’ suppliers. Management estimated that sales could be three times higher than usual during this period. The opening is in time to capture the traditionally strongest selling month leading up to Christmas and New Year.

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