Cost of housing No. 1 concern: Yahoo! poll

Cost of Housing the no.1 concern (Yahoo! graphics)

The cost of housing was voted the most pressing concern for Yahoo! readers, according to a week-long poll on the online portal.

Last week, as part of the ongoing Singapore Conversation, we listed down 10 issues and asked Yahoo! readers to vote for their chief concerns.

A total of 21,470 people cast their votes with each reader allowed to vote only once, and on a single issue.

28% of people voted for the cost of housing. The management of flow and integration of foreigners, which garnered 21% of the votes, came in second while narrowing the income gap came in third with 17% of votes.

At one stage of the poll, the issue of Singapore's heavy reliance on foreigners dominated the poll.

But news of million-dollar HDB flats in the last week triggered fresh concerns over the affordability of public housing, which could explain the swing in votes.

Other issues that were part of the wide range of concerns

-- Education and competition in schools: 8%
-- Cost and access to healthcare: 8%
-- Political/electoral reform: 4%
-- Social graciousness (online and offline): 4%
-- Tackling baby woes: 4%
-- Inclusive society (GLBTs, single parents): 3%
-- Public transport crunch: 3%

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat is spearheading a Singapore Conversation to engage the public in over 30 dialogue sessions, each involving 50 to 150 people and to be conducted in different languages and dialects.

About 3,000 to 4,000 people will be polled by November or December.

You can take part in “Our Singapore Conversation” through these channels.