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The Colleges With The Most And Least Dateable Alumni

Colgate University
Colgate University

Flickr/andrewryanturner The 2012 Colgate volleyball team.

According to a survey from the online dating site The Dating Ring, Colgate has the "most dateable" alumni. Babson alumni fell at the other end of the spectrum with the "least dateable" alumni.

Members of the website filled out a feedback form after going on a first date with someone, and the "dateability" scale was "based on the percent of people who said 'Yes: I would like to go on a second date with this person,' to daters from each college," according to The Dating Ring's press release.

The respondents live in the two places where The Dating Ring is active, New York City and San Francisco.

A Colgate student described the type of person who goes to the top-ranked school:

“Colgate attracts a certain type of person — like a lot of Liberal Arts schools — but because it’s such a party school and 25% of the people are D1 athletes, there’s this kind of person that goes there, and it’s such a work hard play hard kind of place. So many people are really smart but the kind of smart where they played sports and were also smart — not like school was their number 1 priority. It was always ‘be good at school but love other things.’

Colgate also falls in the top 10 on Niche's rankings of both the most attractive male and most attractive female students.

Here's the rest of the top 10:

  1. Colgate University

  2. Lehigh University

  3. University of Texas at Austin

  4. University of Southern California

  5. McGill University

  6. University of Delaware

  7. San Francisco State University

  8. Boston University

  9. Northwestern University

  10. Williams College

And the least dateable alumni:

  1. Babson College

  2. University of Chicago

  3. Rutgers University

  4. University of Washington

  5. Michigan State University

  6. SUNY Binghamton

  7. University of California, Berkeley

  8. University of Pennsylvania

  9. Princeton University

  10. University of California, Santa Barbara

Why are Babson alumni supposedly undateable? It might just be because they are so career focused. One Babson alum told The Dating Ring: “Post-grad, I think a lot of us do struggle to date, because we’re so focused on our careers.”

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