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Chucky season 1 finale answers decades-old mystery

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Photo credit: USA Network - SyFy
Photo credit: USA Network - SyFy

A recent revelation in the season one finale of Chucky has upended fans' understanding of the relationship between the titular character and Tiffany forever.

The culminating episode also solved a mystery going back to the original Child's Play movie which was released in the '80s.

To recap, Charles Lee Ray's (Brad Dourif) tenure as a killer doll first began in 1988, when he was shot by police inside a toy store and transferred his soul into a Good Guy doll. After two direct sequels, he received a partner-in-crime via Tiffany Valentine (Jennifer Tilly) in 1998's Bride of Chucky.

Photo credit: USA Network - SyFy
Photo credit: USA Network - SyFy

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Decades later, the Syfy television spin-off has utilised flashbacks throughout its eight episodes to fill out Charles's backstory: from his childhood and his first kill to meeting his original accomplice and his first encounter with Tiffany.

However, the final episode of the first season, titled 'An Affair to Dismember', gave fans further insight into what happened that faithful night when the serial killer known as 'The Lakeshore Strangler' became Chucky the murderous doll.

Tiffany and Chucky are arguing and she tells him about a "secret she's held for thirty years", asking him: "Did you ever wonder how those cops find you that night in Chicago?"

Photo credit: USA Network - SyFy
Photo credit: USA Network - SyFy

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We can't say that moment was ever one we ever doubted or considered to be a pothole but the Chucky creators must have thought there was more to it.

The finale flashes back to the 1980s where a young Tiffany bemoans the fact she and Charles don't kill anyone together anymore, prompting him to leave the apartment. But once he leaves, Tiffany calls the police, asking for Detective Mike Norris (Child's Play's Chris Sarandon), revealing Tiffany was the catalyst that prompted the chase that ended in the toy store that opened the entire movie franchise.

Chucky will return for season 2 on Syfy and USA Network. There is no confirmed airdate for season 1 in the UK yet.

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